SUSU Master’s Student and Postgraduate Student Win Scholarships to Study in France

The all-Russian open contest is held annually as part of the program of the Russian Presidential Scholarship for students and postgraduate students to study abroad.

Since 1993, more than 2,000 students and postgraduate students from Russian universities have had the chance to complete internships and research in the leading foreign universities.

First-year Master’s student of the Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgical Technologies Sergey Strugov and second-year postgraduate student of the same faculty Yulia Latfulina earned Russian Presidential Scholarships to study at Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Saint Etienne (ENISE) in Saint Etienne, France. These students told us about the fields of study they chose when they submitted their application, what they will be doing in the school of engineering, what opportunities this scholarship gives to students, and how to earn it.

– What fields of study did you choose when submitting your application?

− We submitted applications in tribology, selective laser welding, and high-speed coating. More simply put, we chose topics related to metallurgy. Putting protective coatings on parts makes them durable.

– What opportunities does this scholarship give to students?

− We are going to Saint Etienne for a year. They pay for our expenses and provide housing. In the Engineering School, we will have lectures and practical lessons in laboratories with both Russian and international colleagues. If we have a successful defense, then at the end of the program, we will earn a diploma. In addition, traveling to France means new connections, meeting new people, the chance to improve foreign language skills, and create relationships in research.

- What experience will you gain at the engineering school?

− We will be studying fields tied to our specialty. We will project the knowledge and experience that we gain on to our experiences at SUSU. In the Engineering School, they have good, modern equipment on which you can study. They also have well-developed additive technologies, selective laser welding, distance coating, and software. In our university, we have the Laboratory of the Mechanics of Laser Processes and Digital Manufacturing Technologies, which was founded at the SUSU Polytechnic Institute with the SMS-group company and Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Saint Etienne.

– How can others earn this scholarship?

− There are no quotas for this scholarship. If a student or postgraduate student has publications in well-known scientific journals, patents on inventions of useful models, grants, or conference appearances, then they have a good chance to earn the Presidential Scholarship. It’s important to know English, and not just general English, but technical English as well, especially terminology. And of course, this scholarship can only be given to students in Master’s programs, Specialist programs, or in postgraduate programs.


The goal of the program is to maintain and develop the intellectual potential of the Russian Federation and strengthen the governmental support of students and postgraduate students of academic institutions of professional education.

Goals of the program:

  • Support the education of the best Russian students and postgraduate students in the leading universities around the world;
  • Train highly-qualified workers with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to work effectively in priority areas for the development of science, technology, and engineering in the Russian Federation in conditions of increasing international competition; and
  • Promote the integration of Russian academic organizations in to the international academic and research space.
Марина Ковязина
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