Mohamed Wahballah: Don’t miss your chance to take the best out of SUSU!

With his Master’s studies behind, Mohamed Wahballah is ready to start the next chapter of his life. Having earned a degree in database technology, Mohamed has ambitious plans for the future and is determined to become successful.

– How did you learn about South Ural State University?

– In 2014 I did an AIESEC internship in Moscow, and I got an invitation to visit Chelyabinsk. When I went to Chelyabinsk, I met a lot of AIESEC members who were also SUSU students. We had a couple of meetings at SUSU, and they told me about the university. I thought it would be a good idea to study there.

– Why did you choose to study database technology?

– To be honest, I’m a tech-geek. I did my Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in Cairo University . When I visited the computer science department at SUSU and found that they had a Master’s degree program in English, I decided to have a go. The great thing was that I was good at many of the subjects of the program. That enabled me to save time and focus on writing an exceptional thesis.

– How would you describe studying at SUSU?

I think it’s nice that you can have many ways to pass the exams, which is not popular where I come from (i.e. Egypt). I felt like the university wanted to help students. I think SUSU is a wonderful experience and the university will keep improving further.

– Did you like your SUSU teachers?

– Yes, they all were helpful and nice to us. They did their best to explain things in different ways so that everybody could understand. They always helped us to find the answer even if it wasn’t related to computer science.

– What can you tell about the quality of education at SUSU?

– I spent two years studying at SUSU. From my experience, I can surely say that SUSU has a high quality of education. The classrooms are well equipped and tidy. The teachers are always there for you and happy to help you with everything. I wish SUSU could have more programs in English. I think the university should definitely move in this direction.

– What achievement are you most proud of that happened during your studies at SUSU?

My approved research paper for an IEEE conference! Thanks to my advisor Valentin Golodov, we managed to successfully submit our paper to the biggest technical professional organization in the world! The paper is based on the data I’ve obtained when working on my thesis. It’s about the use of deep recurrent neural networks for speech recognition and separation.

– What helped you during your studies at SUSU?

My little knowledge of Russian was helpful. Whenever I had a problem or question, my supervisor always helped me, and I’m deeply grateful to him. The visa department should be awarded the Nobel Prize as they were always there to help with all the regulations most foreigners are not really used to.

– What can SUSU give to students, in your opinion?

Broad knowledge of course! I think SUSU is a great place to study. You meet great people here, make wonderful friends, and have fun. You learn about the beautiful culture of Russia and visit some of the most picturesque Russian lakes.

– What do you think students should do to become successful in life?

I think they should be active learners and never be shy to ask as many questions as needed to understand everything. They should get involved in extracurricular activities to get more experience and practice what they learn.

– Do you think it is worth studying in Russia?

Sure it is! In terms of computer science, Russia has good programmers and a lot of talented people. The country is welcoming and not too expensive in terms of living costs.

– What are your career goals?

– My first goal is to get a good job in the field of software engineering as soon as possible. I’m applying for Amazon now and I also want to get an MBA, so that I can start my business in the future. I dream of researching human-animal interaction using the cranial nerves in the brain.

– Would you say SUSU is a good place to study?

Yes, but only if you plan to take the initiative, ask, and actively learn. Don’t be a passive student wishing to only get a degree. SUSU has great resources to support your studies and even one of the most powerful supercomputers in Russia.  Don’t miss your chance to take the best out of SUSU!

Natalia Shankova Photo: Oleg Igoshin
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