New Practical Shooting Ground Opens at SUSU Shooting Range

SUSU Shooting Range has been functioning at South Ural State University for several years now. In April of 2018 a new training ground for practical shooting was opened.

Firearms range instructor Andrey Zinchenko tells us how practical shooting differs from other types of shooting, what the peculiarities of the new training ground are, and why it is useful to train shooting.

– What is the difference between practical shooting and other types of shooting?

— There exist pistol shooting, clay target shooting, and practical shooting; and namely pistol and practical shooting are trained at the SUSU Shooting Range. In practical shooting it is important to move fast and hit all the targets, and after that the HitFactor is calculated, that is the shooting accuracy and fire rate.

– How does the new ground differ from others?

— We use firearms at the old ground. While at the new ground the conditions for airsoft weapons were created, and that means that we don’t need a ventilation or a bullet trap here. You don’t need room for preparation, an armory is not required, nor many other things: you can just load your gun and shoot. These are easier and safer conditions, what is especially important when we talk about children.

Who can come train practical shooting?

— Practical airsoft gun shooting is available both for adults and children; and not only from among employees or students of SUSU, but also for all those willing. We form groups who come to train at certain days of the week and at certain time. Regardless of their age they train under the same program.

– What is better, individual or group training?

— In terms of payment, group training is better, but if you wish to train your skills more thoroughly under guidance of an instructor, then individual trainings are the ones for you. Some people just come to shoot as a pastime, but some wish to obtain a certain level of training. It all comes down to your goals.

– Why is it useful to train practical shooting?

— Shooting is a form of psychological release. All those who participated in competitions know the feeling. It’s a great way of taking out on something! Also, it’s a very peaceful sport despite the fact that we use weapons. We always remember our Shooters’ Code, as every trainee must follow it: ‘I must treat any weapon as if it’s loaded, at all times’; ‘I must never aim at where I’m not going to shoot’; ‘Before I shoot I must always check what’s in front of the target and behind it’; ‘I must never touch the trigger till I make sure that the gun is aiming at the target’.


Marina Kovyazina; photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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