Exhibition of Student Scientific and Technical Creativity Opens at SUSU

On April 25th an opening ceremony was held at the SUSU Science and Technologies of the South Ural Exhibition Center for the annual Exhibition of Scientific and Technical Creativity of South Ural State University Students.


The exhibition is organized by the employees of the university Educational-Methodical Department and is dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of our university.


The welcome speech was delivered by Vice-Rector for Research Aleksandr Dyakonov. The Professor tells us about the importance of the event for the university students and employees:

“The Exhibition of Scientific and Technical Creativity of Students gives its participants a chance to demonstrate their developments, which they created jointly with their academic advisors. I believe that all these innovations will be further developed through Master’s, postgraduate and doctor theses. The most important thing is that this exhibition shows the level of development of our university, as well as the striving of our students to innovative activity. And the best option for our university will be establishing new small innovative enterprises based on the presented developments.”

The exhibition organizer, Senior Inspector of the Office for Learning Support of Educational Process at the Educational-Methodical Department Darya Biryukova, shares on the peculiarities of the exhibition of scientific and technical developments of students.

“It is already for the 5th time that we’re organizing this event, and the number of innovations grows year after year. Students are striving to present their projects, and commercialize them, of course. The developments from every student field of research are fulfilled in different forms. For instance, studies of economical models are presented as posters; the developments by the students of the Faculty of Architecture — in the form of maquettes; and engineering students present test prototypes. We may say that this exhibition reveals not only scientific knowledge of students, but also their creative talents.”

Students of the SUSU’s seven institutes, two schools, six faculties, and the Multidiscipline College at the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service presented the best projects and developments in various fields of research work. Thus, a student of the 4th year of studies from the SUSU’s Power Engineering Faculty Elena Nikiforova presented her development on Information Support for Electric Traction Drive.

“Over the recent 10—15 years electric traction drive has been intensively developed, so there has emerged a need for improving the quality of controlling such an engine. I engineered an innovative system, which with consideration to certain conditions helps improve the control accuracy by 3—4 times. It took me about six months to complete my work.”

The analysis of the foreign trade structure of the Ural Federal District was presented by the student of the 3rd year of studies of the SUSU School of Economics and Management Ekaterina Malinina.

“I took for consideration the Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Kurgan and Tyumen regions. My analysis aimed at revealing the prospects of the foreign trade development in the Ural Federal District; determining to which countries the export is being performed, and from which countries goods are being imported. To find out which countries keep working with us as partners on a permanent basis, we took the data as of the years of 2015 and 2017. It turned out that the biggest share of the Chelyabinsk Region’s export goes to Kazakhstan, which in its turn imports its goods to our region.”

A student of the Multidiscipline College at the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service Vladislav Cherkasov presented his project on promoting tourism in Russia.

“Customers coming to a travel agency can download a special application to their smartphones. If you direct your smartphone at any site, it will read the marker’s code, and your gadget will display a true picture and description of the chosen place. This application allows to locally study your holiday destination of interest.”

Here is to remind you that the series of events will last till 14:00 on April 27th.

Program of events:

April 26, Thursday

  • 10:00—14:00 — presentations of student scientific-and-technical and creativity works;
  • Section 1. Technical and Natural Sciences (Room 1001);
  • Section 2. Humanities, Economic, and Legal Sciences (Room 1013);
  • 10:00—16:00 — exhibition.

April 27, Friday

  • 10:00—13:00 — exhibition;
  • 13:00—14:00 — exhibition closing ceremony. Final results. Awards for the exhibition participants and for their scientific advisors.

Contact person:

Tel.: 8(351)267-91-64 (Darya).

E-mail: nmo[at]susu[dot]ru.


Marina Kovyazina, photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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