Three. Two. One. Go!: Cosmonautics Week Was Held at SUSU

More than fifty years ago Russian scientists made a huge step in science development: man first flew to space. Now, every year on April 12th the whole world celebrates the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics.

The enthusiasts from the SUSU Faculty of Aerospace Engineering prepared a number of events to celebrate the human conquering of space. The celebration of the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics started with Gagarin Sports Competition. This is a traditional competition which includes such sports as darts, table tennis, chess, and much more. During the whole week the participants were proving that SUSU students could do anything: even to set off towards the stars, and that is what they were proving by participating in contests simulating a rocket flight.

Also as part of the competition a track-and-field relay was held, where teams of different years of study took part.

“Students need such events as these allow to develop alacrity, dexterity, and ambition. Sports is life, and movement is life. How else would anyone be able to conquer space? Not you if you’re not physically fit,” reasons Deputy Director for Sports of the SUSU Polytechnic Institute Rashit Shaikhetdinov.

It is symbolic that the students who excelled in the competition were awarded namely on the Cosmonautics Day. And a number of space-themed fascinating games were organized for students at the midday break.

The event was attended by students of not only different years of study, but also of various nationalities as the flight of man to space is something that the whole humanity should be proud of.

In the hall of the SUSU’s main building a real cosmonauts testing ground was arranged, where students could test their physical abilities, their knowledge of the universe, creative skills, as well as dream about what kinds of worlds may exist in the infinity of space:

“My planet is a wonderful place! There is no dirt, or dust. It’s very nice and beautiful there!” says SUSU student from the Republic of Sudan Elsamani Ibrahim.

The celebration’s participants received a swarm of emotions from the contests and were awarded with space-themed prizes. A photo zone was functioning within the framework of the event where students could take a picture to remember it.

Marina Kovyazina; photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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