Results of the 17th International Congress on Public Relations and Advertisement: Theory and Practice are Drawn

Within the 3rd International Science and Education Forum entitled “Communication leader of the 21st century”, the 17th International Congress on Public Relations and Advertisement: Theory and Practice was held at SUSU. Organizer of the event was the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of the ISSH’s Faculty of Journalism.

During the first day of the Congress operation, presentations of winning works of the Advertising and PR Projects contest were held; this year, more than 50 students from Russia and Kazakhstan submitted their applications for the contest. The young specialists in the sphere of advertising and public relations presented their works in the following categories:

  1. Project for promoting a company (product, service, event) at the regional market.

  2. Project for promoting a company (product, service, event) in the Internet.

  3. PR project in economic, political and social-and-cultural spheres.

  4. Project of forming the corporate culture of an educational institution.

Students’ projects were evaluated by graduates of SUSU’s Faculty of Journalism, who are successfully working in the sphere of advertising and PR. Among them were: Daria Lavrenko, marketing specialist of the Bely Kit (White Whale) dentistry network, Aleksey Adushev, the Head of the Department for Information and Education of the Pravosoznanie (Civil Dignity) Chelyabinsk regional public rights organization, Anna Zabrodina, specialist of the ARK GROUP marketing department, and Anton Frolenko, senior marketing manager of Hotel Victoria OOO.

Projects that had elaborated strategy and original idea implemented due to various tools and techniques were announced to be the best. Contest winners received honorary credentials, and participants received certificates.

One of the most memorable event of the Congress was a role play with the plot of a detective entitled “Access granted for creative people”; authors of the idea were third-year students majoring in Advertisement and Public relations. They divided all participants of the event into small groups – detective agencies – and offered them to complete a series of creative assignments. The teams were making up titles, mottos and logos for their companies, answered questions from the sphere of advertising, and deciphered coded brands.

This year, students were lucky to take part in a master class entitled “A specialist in the sphere of promotion: local market requirements”, held by Yulia Ponomareva, SUSU graduate and the Digital Group Head of the Radar Advertising full-service communication agency. She told about the main requirements submitted by employers to such specialists as account manager, copyrighter and strategist.

The International Congress on Advertisement and Public Relations within the Science and Education Forum entitled “Communication Leader of the 21st Century” is the platform at which students learn the latest tendencies in the market of advertising and PR, demonstrate the results of their project activity, and get charged with creative energy.

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