Polytechnic Institute Week – Results

SUSU students and teaching staff participated in themed events aimed at forming corporate culture among students and staff of the Polytechnic Institute.

The “Five Elements” quest opened the Week’s events. This name choice is not an accidental one: each station represented one of the 5 faculties of the Institute, and by completing all of the tests, the teams had to build their “rockets” and prepare them for launch.

“We tried to make it so that each stage reflected peculiarities of a certain faculty of the Polytechnic Institute, and I think we succeeded in doing that. For example, at the station of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering we had an A1 print, from which it was necessary to cut out a rocket and tape it together. After this, the participants moved with it through the stations to “fuel” it and complete the its plan,” says the quest organizer, Nikita Permyakov, student of the Polytechnic Institute.

In addition, participants had to create the emblem of the Polytechnic Institute from the papers with quest tasks they got at each station. The “Female Logic” team was the first one to finish.

“It was really amusing that when we said the name of our team at the beginning of the quest, everyone decided that we would be in last place, but we’ve finished first, and that’s really cool! We came to this quest to become a unified team and take place in a competition with teams from other institutes,” says quest participant Kristina Danchenko.

As part of the SUSU Polytechnic Institute Week, meetings were held between the deans and student groups. “The Faculty of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” was the main theme of the meetings. The deans answered questions about the strategic directions of development of the faculties in research, spoke about what is being done to improve the competitiveness of graduates, and what the role of elite training is.

On March 14th the Days of Student Science of the Polytechnic Institute contest was held. This contest was held for the first time in each of the five faculties. In this contest, post-graduate students and Master’s students from the departments of each faculty – 22 people – presented the results of their research work. The audience for this contest included students of the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th years of studies with potential for self-realization in the field of scientific creativity. They had an opportunity to choose the most interesting research projects for them, so that they could join the research under them afterwards.

“Thanks to such events we are trying to bring all students with relevant interests and skills into research work. We demonstrate the accomplishments of our best post-graduate students and Master’s students, present the results of their work in various forms, and popularize student projects,” says Deputy Director for Extracurricular Activities of the Polytechnic Institute, Milena Volkova.

The contest jury evaluated the participants’ work against such criteria as: substantiation of relevance of the research; scientific novelty, practical significance, and theoretical significance and clarity of presentation of the research results. The student audience also took part in evaluating the presenters through individual voting.

The Polytech: Best of the Best contest results were announced on March 16th. On this day, the best students from each faculty received awards in the following categories: “For Contribution into Development of Student Self-governance”; “Best Student in the Faculty”; and “For Contribution into Development of Student Science.” Golden trophies with their names on them and diplomas were awarded to the best 15 students of the Institute, and 41 students earned 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place diplomas.

“I have been an active part of the faculty life since my first year of study; I was the Vice-chairman of the Trade-union Bureau. I was one of the organizers of the majority of the faculty’s events, including Cosmonaut Day in 2017. In my opinion, it is not that difficult to combine studies, social work, and fun. Everyone has free time, and I would like to spend mine on something useful, on developing myself and on helping with the organization of extracurricular activities at the university. And my main hobby is the specialization I’m majoring in, and in the future I want to work in rocket engineering and in the aerospace industry,” says student of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Nikolai Verkhov, one of the winners in the category “For Contribution into Development of Student Self-governance”.

“To become the best student of the Polytechnic Institute, you must not be lazy or idle. You must find your favorite activity, and everything will happen for you!” says student of the Faculty of Material Science and Metallurgical Technology, Radmir Sagidullin, one of the winners in the category “Best Student in the Faculty”.

“It is quite difficult for me to combine work, research, and studies, but keeping alert and alive, and my desire allow me to save up strength for this. I work as a product design engineer at Uctech NPO. We work with metallurgical equipment, that is, its design, production and manufacture, as well as deal with modernizing such equipment,” says Sergey Strugov, one of the winners in the category “For Contribution into Development of Student Science”.

The ceremony closed with a performance by the Automobile and Tractor Faculty choir.

“The Polytechnic Institute Week allowed us to present the various aspects of life in our Institute, as well as achievements of our students in studies, research, and social work. All of this Week’s events demonstrated unique features of each faculty and, at the same time, their unity as elements of the strong structure called the Polytechnic Institute,” says Deputy Director for Extracurricular Activities of the Polytechnic Institute, Milena Volkova.

Marina Kovyazina; photo by Oleg Igoshin, Yekaterina Krasnykh
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