SUSU Team Won Media Cup of the Brainfight among Mass Media

The team of SUSU-TV television and radio company and the SUSU Marketing and Strategic Communications Department named Bez Suflera (Without a Souffleur) won a cup of the first in Chelyabinsk’s history Brainfight among mass media.

The venue gathered representatives of television and radio broadcasting, printed and Internet editions and photographers competing in an intellectual fight. According to the game rules, the team which obtains more points by the results of the whole game, becomes the winner.

“If you can work in a team, you can easily win any game,” says Olga Mayakova, an editor of SUSU-TV television and radio company.

Brainfight is an intellectual and entertaining game originated in 2012 in Belarus. Nowadays it is held in almost 140 cities all around the world. Thirty teams participated in the first tournament of mass media. Media Cup is a new event for Chelyabinsk. Organizers emphasize the entertaining nature of the event. The game includes 7 rounds with 7 questions in each round. There are text questions, pictured questions, musical tasks and a blitz. One of the rounds is dedicated to the latest topical news. Teams are given a limited amount of time to give an answer, and the host announces the correct answer after each round.

The SUSU team won this competition thanks to the experience of working in the sphere of journalism, because in this sphere one needs to work fast, dynamically and without souffleurs.

“Brainfight, first of all, is a team game. One or two people would never cope with the volume of knowledge which is required for winning this competition,” says Dmitry Rudenok, Head of SUSU’s Marketing and Strategic Communications Department.

For Braifight participants, such tournament is a chance to communicate with their colleagues in an unusual format and spend an evening in a friendly environment. Besides, such events help journalists to improve their professional skills.

“We would like to introduce our mass media to each other and make them clash so that everyone would see who is the best among them,” says Yury Zhukov, organizer of the Brainfight.

Organizers are planning to hold championships among representatives of other professions. And in the summer, all “brainfighters” will have a real outdoors picnic and the chance to compete not only at the intellectual filed but also at a sports ground.

Zlata Ponomareva, photo by: Matvey Sholokhov
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