Federal Target Program Announces Contest


The Federal Target Program “Research and developments in priority areas of development of Russia’s scientific and technological complex for 2014-2020” has announced a contest for completing applied scientific research and experimental developments aimed at realizing the priorities of the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development for the Russian Federation in events 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4. The goal of this contest is to choose projects aimed at completing applied research and experimental developments aimed at realizing the priorities of the scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation, noted in the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation and enabling the following:

a) transition to advanced digital, intelligent manufacturing technologies, robotized systems, new materials and means of design, the creation of systems for processing large data volumes, machine learning, and artificial intelligence;

b) transition to ecologically-clean and resource-efficient power engineering, increasing the effectiveness of obtaining and advanced refining of raw hydrocarbon materials, the formation of new sources of energy, the creation of new methods of energy transport and storage;

c) transition to personalized medicine, high-technology health services, and technologies for preserving health, including from the rational use of medications (most importantly, antibacterial medications);

d) transition to highly productive and ecologically-clean farming and aquatic farming, development and implementation of systems of rational application of chemical and biological defense for agricultural plants and animals, preservation and effective processing of agricultural products, the creation of safe and qualitative products for nutrition, including functional food products;

e) defense against technogenic, biogenic, and sociocultural threats, terrorism, and ideological extremism, cyber threats, and other forms of danger to society, the economy, and the government;

f) connectivity of the territory of the Russian Federation by creating intelligent transport and telecommunications systems, and gaining and maintaining leading positions in the creation of international transport logistics systems, development and use of air space and outer space, the oceans, the Arctic, and the Antarctic;

g) the ability of Russian society to effectively meet large challenges taking in to account the interaction of man and nature, man and technology, social institutes at the current stage of global development, including the use of methods of humanitarian and social sciences.

The highest subsidy possible from funds of the federal budget for one invitation are: for event 1.2 – up to 20 million rubles a year; 1.3 – up to 50 million rubles a year; and 1.4 – up to 100 million rubles a year.

Applications for participating in the contest are being accepted until January 29th, 2018.

You can review contest documentation here.

Please address questions about preparing your applications to the Office for Preparing and Supporting Projects UNID, room 249, Laboratory building.

Tel. 272-30-22, 267-90-19

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