Keep Your Finger on the Pulse and Stay in Profession: SUSU Graduate, Denis Ivanov

December 1 was the 60th anniversary from the foundation day of the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty. Nowadays its successor is the SUSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Today the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science includes 10 departments which perform training of bachelors, specialists, masters and postgraduates in the field of instrument engineering and automated control, radio electronics and computer science.

Director of Strategia Bezopasnosti (Strategy of Safety) Company for information protection, Denis Ivanov, is a graduate of the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty’s Department of Information Security. Denis Nikolaevich told us why he chose the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty and what brought him education obtained at SUSU.

– How did you decide to get enrolled at SUSU?

− In 1995, being an applicant, I chose the specialty of applied mathematics. Back then I was applying for state-funded education, but unfortunately I couldn’t continue my study because of some reasons. In 2007-2008, when I already was a director of my own enterprise, I realized that I need to get specialized education in order to keep my finger on the pulse and stay in the profession. So I got enrolled to the Department of Information Security.

– How did your study at the Department of Information Security go? Were there any difficulties during your study?

− The study was mostly interesting. The already-accumulated experience helped; besides, I had determined a specific goal. I needed a diploma and specific knowledge in this specialty. Cooperation with the Department started long before I got enrolled for the study, because from the very first day of existence we hired graduates, collaborated within joint projects, and at that moment already knew quite much about each other.

– So you got enrolled to the Department while being a director of the company which you established without specialized education?

− Right. I didn’t have specialized education at the moment when I decided to dedicate myself to this kind of activity. In order to somehow exist in this strictly regulated market, I had to cumulate information from all available sources.

– What were the most memorable moments of your student life?

− I attended evening classes because such form of study was optimal for me as a man with a family; therefore I hadn’t experienced all the joy of student life during my study at the Department. Without a doubt, studying was interesting even despite the fact that we studied in the evenings: it began when the city got crammed with evening traffic, and finished when people were getting ready to go to bed. Nevertheless, our group still keepsin touch. Many people from our group and from the specialty in general stayed in the profession which is, without a doubt, a credit to SUSU as an educational institution.

– What would you like to wish for the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science?

− On my behalf and on behalf of company’ employees, I cordially congratulate SUSU’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science on the occasion of such a significant anniversary. 60 years is a considerable period of time. I would like to wish the Faculty to move forward, get ahead of time, at the same time maintaining the best traditions of Russian education. I wish university applicants to be patient, and I wish students not to lose a connection with reality; I wish all unforgettable events, great events and more victories!

Marina Kovyazina; photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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