“You Need to Love What You Are Doing,” – SUSU Graduate Sergey Orlovskiy


December 1 is the 60th anniversary from the foundation day of the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty. Nowadays its successor is the SUSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Today the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science includes 10 departments which perform training of bachelors, specialists, masters and postgraduates in the fields of instrument engineering and automated control, radio electronics and computer science.

The Department of Automation and Control trains bachelors and masters in the area of Engineering System Control; the Department has always aspired to giving its graduates complex education.

Study plan determines basic directions of disciplines which cover the range of required knowledge on automation, control and computer science. Specificity of the study is the fact that along with computational systems of general purpose, controlling machines implementing on-site control over technology processes are also studied.

Sergey Orlovskiy, Director of Engineering at the AO PG Metran, is a graduate of the Department of Automation and Control. He told us about how his career started, how he found himself at the enterprise, and what he would wish for the Faculty.

– How did you get enrolled at SUSU?

− I got enrolled at SUSU in 2003. Just like today, the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty was well-known and had a very good reputation. I had no doubts about where to study after graduating from high school. I had good knowledge in physics and mathematics, so I passed the exams well and decided to go to the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty. However, I couldn’t choose a Department, so at first I set my mind on the Department of Electronic Computing Machines, but later, by the end of admissions, I had changed my mind in favor of the Department of Automation and Control. Talking to a lecturer from this Department, Oleg Raznopolov, helped me making the final decision which I never regretted in the subsequent years.

– Was it difficult to study?

− To me, studying was a constant stress in the finest sense of this word. At the Department of Automation and Control we were always kept busy, but by the 4st year of study it became a bit easier, this is precisely when I came to Metran as an intern.

– How did you find yourself at the AO PG Metran?

− Just as the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty is widely known, Metran has always been recognized by many. I heard a lot about this company, I had friends working there who told me about it. When I was the third-year student, I came to Metran for summer internship. I liked working there, and the leadership estimated me as deserved. From that time, my career path started.

– What qualities one should possess to get the job position that you are at now?

− In any case, you need to work hard in order to achieve something; you need to believe in your possibilities, and, of course, you need to love what you are doing. The tasks that we solved at the university, the fundamental knowledge that I got greatly predetermined my further destiny and helped me at work.

– What would you like to wish for your Faculty on the occasion of its anniversary?

− I would like to congratulate my colleagues, fellow students and lecturers on this milestone anniversary. 60 years is a long time to, on the one hand, review your achievements and, on the other hand, realize your position. I wish you to stay creative and innovative. Maintain you distinction and reputation, don’t lose your grip and never stop on the achieved. The world is changing, therefore I wish you not to be afraid of changes and keep up with the time. It is important to remember about the achievements made by our ancestors and be worthy successors of this deed.


Marina Kovyazina; photo by: Oleg Igoshin
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