“The Possibilities for Development in the Advertising Sphere are Unlimited,” – an Interview with SUSU Graduate Pavel Bugrov


Deputy Head of Directorate and Head of the Public Relations Management Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, graduate of the SUSU Faculty of Journalism Pavel Bugrov on the Day of Advertising Worker told us about this sphere of activity and knowledge gained at the university, and gave an advice for today’s students. Pavel has experience of working as an air radio host at the South Ural STRBC, and as a PR-specialist at the Trubodetal OAO.

– When did you start your professional activity in the advertising sphere?

– I received my diploma in 2011, when PR specialty was an independent specialization area just like specialist in advertising. I started working in the specialty during my 4th year of study and I still keep researching this area. Humanities knowledge can’t be finite; it changes along with the society we live in. Therefore if you like advertising, public relations or, for example, marketing, your possibilities in these spheres are unlimited – and you can dedicate your entire life to it.

– Why did you choose studying at SUSU? What is the most important, what have you learned at the university?

– SUSU is a large university with rich history and good reputation. In general, as I think, the main goal of an educational institution is to create the environment in which a young man will be interested in studying subject, where he will find supporters and opponents, where lectures are delivered by highly qualified lecturers who don’t make us learn exam questions by heart but help us developing professional and personal qualities. All this is present at SUSU.

– Does knowledge gained at the university help you in your work?

– It does, just like many other knowledge gained in different periods of life. Any person is a storage of knowledge and experience accumulated during previous years.

– In your opinion, what is important for an advertising specialist to be able to do?

– To be able to listen. This profession one way or another is connected with people, whether it is your employer, your competitor or a customer. In order to be successful and be in demand, you need to well understand necessities of each of them. What about theory and methodology, the good news is that today it is possible to easily find information on any question concerning the job of a marketing specialist, advertising specialist, or a PR-specialist. And if you know English language, the amount of available cases, resource materials and professional literature goes to infinity.

– What advice could you give for today’s students?

– Don’t waste your time and try to find a job on your specialty before getting a diploma. First, it will help you to make sure that you choose the right profession. There is nothing sadder than a graduate who spent several years of his life for getting a diploma in a specialty that he does not need. Second, it will give you competitive advantage over your contemporaries who saw nothing except for internship and pre-graduation training.


Ekaterina Kuznetsova
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