International Researchers Discuss Issues of Measurement in SUSU


Today the Second International Scientific and Practical Conference “Measurement: Status and Prospects of Development” began at South Ural State University. The leading researchers in metrology from Great Britain, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and more than 20 regions of Russia are participating in this large research forum.

The goal of the conference is to discuss the prospects of developing metrology in Russia and abroad, to introduce policies in metrology in various countries, and to continue the trajectory bringing metrology practices in Russia closer to those in other international organizations and developed countries.

The conference is dedicated to one of the most important scientific topics which is traditional for researchers at South Ural State University. SUSU has many years of experience training specialists in metrology as well in developments, manufacturing, and the application of measurement instruments. Fulfillment of the academic potential of our University results in training of qualified engineers for leading businesses in Russia and abroad. That is why for the second time our University acts as an organizer of this big-scale event.

As SUSU Rector Alexander Shestakov notes,

“This conference is very meaningful for the development of the Russian industry. It offers broader possibilities for the development of new equipment which can be manufactured in our region. Advanced Russian and international experience and its use in metrology; implementation into appropriate international documents of metrology norms and regulations in which Russia is a leader– all of this enables the processes of integrating the country’s economy with the international economy. There are many manufacturing representatives participating in the conference who have found the forum on measurement very interesting.”

The first day of the conference included a plenary meeting where Russian and international researchers discussed the newest achievements in various areas of metrology and other fields of science and technology related to measurements. They also discussed issues relevant to this field of science.

The Chairman of the Bulgarian Union of Metrologists, Professor Hristo Radev, the Head of the Laboratory at D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (St. Petersburg) Roald Taimanov, and SUSU Rector Alexander Shestakov delivered speeches for the conference participants.

It is worth noting that it is not for the first time that the world-renowned metrologists come at a major Russian university, South Ural State University. For example, Roald Taimanov visited the first measurement conference in 2012. Today, the leading specialist in metrology has given a presentation on the “Developing Models of Measuring Human-Related Multiparameter Values”. In his presentation, the Professor stressed the importance of metrology in manufacturing and talked about the application of measurement systems in human sciences.

“Right now I am extremely interested in issues related to measuring human or society traits, since man is a much more complex structure than any technology. Understanding the brain, the creation of society, the rules that society follows right now, and what the future holds – all of this requires measurement,” shares Roald Taimanov.

In his turn, the expert from Bulgaria Hristo Radev dedicated his presentation to selection and application of the associated feature when evaluating the form and location of surfaces and axes of workpieces of mechanisms. The speaker also noted that he was very happy to get to know the work of his colleagues.

“This conference at SUSU is a unique chance to compare notes with representatives of other schools of metrology. We must discuss the prospects of developing metrology in Russia and abroad. We need to find new approaches to the metrological support of measuring instruments and systems, technical diagnostics, and metrological self-monitoring of measurement systems and actuators,” stresses the Chairman of the Bulgarian Union of Metrologists.

In the second half of the first day of the conference, several presentations were given in Section “Methods and Algorithms of Measurement Information Processing,” and the “Measurements in Social and Humanities Field” round table was also held.

There are dozens of presentations planned for the second research forum “Measurement: Status and Prospects of Development”. A few of them will be delivered via video-conferencing. The plenary and intersectional presentations will offer conceptual overviews of the current state of metrology and other fields of science and technology related to measurement.

The main event of the conference is a presentation by the Oxford University Professor, Manus Patrick Henry (Great Britain). In the plenary meeting, the famous researcher will deliver his presentation on the “Measurement Validation for the Internet of Things.”


Dmitriy Rudenok, photo by Oleg Igoshin
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