Institute of Open and Distance Education at SUSU is inviting professors and staff of the university to courses


In the new academic year, the Institute of Open and Distance Education (IODE) at SUSU is once again inviting professors and staff of the university to courses for professional development.

The topics of the courses for professional development are closely tied to the realization of Project 5-100 (Task 8.2 “Enabling further development of online education and distance technologies”) and are at the intersection of informational and pedagogical technologies. This training is centered around practical experience, which allows the students, once they complete the courses, to effectively apply the gained knowledge in their professional activities.

IODE’s additional educational programs are geared towards students with various goals and interests.

For those who are just beginning to get to know the technologies of electronic education, the courses Basics of Online Education for University Professors and Moodle: an Instrument for Creating Online Academic Courses will be helpful.

Colleagues who are worried about how to make their work more effective and modern will be interested in the courses Internet Resources for Teachers, Mental Maps, Social Networks for Teachers, and Techniques for Creating an Effective Presentation.

For teachers who are constantly in pursuit of creativity, the courses: Active Imitative Game Teaching Methods, Active Imitative Non-game Teaching Methods, and Active Non-Imitative Teaching Methods will be interesting.

The course Methods for Preparing a Scientific Article is once again popular, deservedly.

Teachers working on creating electronic education resources are welcome to join the courses Basics of Authors' Rights and Rating the Quality of Online Academic Courses.

New additions to IODE additional educational programs, which were successfully tested in the last academic year, have become courses for advanced training dedicated to modern academic trends: online testing and the development of mass open online courses (MOOC): Approbation, Statistics, and Correction of Attainment Tests, Adaptive Testing, and MOOC: A Modern Teaching Format.

Courses of professional re-training which deserve special attention include Development of Customized Courses, Testing in Online Education, and Active Methods of Online Teaching, and are designed to last a full academic year (the courses continue until 02.06.2018).

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the center plans on training three waves of students. The dates for the beginning of training for each wave are as follows:

  • 1st wave – 02.10.2017 – 15.12.2017
  • 2nd wave – 08.01.2018 – 23.03.2018
  • 3rd wave – 02.04.2018 – 08.06.2018

Applications for the 1st wave are being accepted at this time.

The IODE system of advanced training is modular. Each course consists of a certain number of modules and a mandatory final project. In beginning their training, the students receive information about the dates for completing assignments for each module and about the preparation of their final project. Throughout their education, the students receive consultations from the IODE teachers, and technical support from the course managers. Students who submit their assignments for each course module and their final project successfully and on time have the right to receive a certification of advanced qualifications.

If a student requires a flexible academic schedule, the modular system of advanced training involves an alternate version of completing the courses. An academic module is essentially a mini course which contains both theoretical material and evaluation tests. Throughout the academic year, the student can study any number of academic modules comfortable to them within a certain period, freely choosing the modules from different courses according to their professional interests. Having successfully mastered the material and assignments of a module, the student receives an electronic certificate. Applying the electronic certificates to various modules, the student has the right to apply for any “full-form” course and receive credit for the modules for which he has certificates. Further, having studied the missing modules and having completed a final project, the student receives a certificate of advanced training.

You can learn about the courses of advanced training and academic modules, or apply for a training course in the “Courses and Resources” section under “Teachers” at

You are welcome to join our courses!

Event date: 
Saturday, 7 October, 2017 - 07:00
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