“I Found a Job that Matches my Degree!”: SUSU Graduate on Working at the DST-Ural Factory


South Ural State University has been partnered with the DST-Ural Factory for many years already. Their work involves the design and development of bulldozers and technology based upon them.

SUSU students have a chance to practice in a factory, gather experience, and gain helpful knowledge. But there are also students who have found their calling and their place during their summer practicals. The new generation of graduates who began working in the DST-Ural factory enabled success in manufacturing and advancement of the TM10 machines.

We spoke with factory engineer and designer Ilya Kochneviy about practicals, work, and prospects in tractor plants.

– What did your profession as engineer and designer begin with? Where did you enroll?

– My profession began with me enrolling at South Ural State University in the Automobile and Tractor Engineering Faculty in the program Operation of Transport Machines and Complexes. During my education, I began completing practical training at the DST-Ural Factory. This was probably the basis for my current profession.

– Why did you choose this factory as the place for completing your practical training? What attracted you to it?

– I chose this factory because its work is closely tied to my profession. I didn’t want to waste the 4 years I spent studying at university and that’s why I decided to find work tied to my degree. After all, right now, not many people can say they found work according to their degree, but I was able to, and I’m happy for that!

– How were you invited to work at the DST-Ural factory? What was your first job?

– While studying in university I completed my term papers well, after which a professor invited me to complete practical training at this factory. While completing my practical training I understood that I wanted to write my thesis based on my work at DST-Ural. I wrote it, and wrote it well, and in relation to this I was invited to work at the factory. My first job began with designing tread for caterpillar vehicles. This was not a typical job, but I liked it.

– What is your job like now? What interesting moments does it have?

– There are many! You are always working with something new. When you need to include some kind of new system or new units into the work, you have to redo it and think so that it doesn’t affect some other systems and agree upon this among your colleagues. This work doesn’t let you relax after your four years of study.

– What are your plans for the future? What prospects do you see?

– Right now I’m studying with top marks in the master’s program Land Transport Complexes, and next year I am planning on writing my master’s thesis on the topic “Cooling systems for TM10 tractors”. In general, I’d like to develop further in this same area and design new, more modern and more complex constructions, parts, and units. I think that we need to bring our technology, and manufacturing as a whole, to the international level!


Marina Kovyazina, photo by Oleg Igoshin
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