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For more than 17 years, SUSU has been training advertising and PR specialists. Graduates of this area are special people, very in-demand by various companies. After all, they can create creative ideas and advertisements, sell advertisements, purchase advertising opportunities with various businesses, control advertising placements, evaluate the efficacy of advertising, and manage it. They are able to create opinions among an audience. This means that an advertising specialists knows how to use special instruments and has special skills. This can fully be said about graduates who get their education in this area at the Faculty of Journalism of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities. They are always in great demand. One of this year’s graduates was no exception. Future advertising specialists began building their careers while still students, and they received their SUSU diploma when they already had a place of work. Graduate of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications in the program Advertising and Public Relations, Gleb Dryagun, told us about how he is building his career.

Short resume

Graduated from South Ural State University in 2017, Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Journalism, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. At this time, he works at the social media marketing agency SMMASHING.MEDIA as a social media marketing manager.

– Why did you choose the program “Advertising and Public Relations?”

– At 18 years old I already knew exactly what I would do in the future. While still in school, I began to get to know advertising techniques. I was always interested in unique cases of realizing advertising campaigns. When the time came to choose, I knew what I needed. In addition, I always knew that I would study at SUSU. In the admissions campaign, I was greeted by my future student curator, Vera Vasileva. After a short, but comprehensive, discussion, I went to submit my documents, and one day later I was already enrolled in the Advertising and Public Relations program. Skipping forward, I’ll say that I have not regretted this one bit. The knowledge, experience, and connections that I gained are an invaluable contribution to my future.

– What attracts you most to the advertising profession?

– Most of all I like the feeling that I am a creator – I make trends and tendencies that become of interest and that people follow. Advertising as an unbelievably strong instrument which impresses people with its scale. This probably sounds like a napoleon complex, but in the hands of a specialist, this resource can really change people’s thoughts.

– In what year of your education did you begin working in advertising communications?

– I started to work in this area almost immediately after I enrolled in the Department of Mass Communications in 2013. From the first year I began actively working on extracurricular activities, worked in the teams of organizational committees for various university and city events. They needed a sales manager in the SUSU Department of Advertising and Express Printing. So, not thinking long, I created a resume, gathered recommendations, and successfully completed my interview. At this time I have already been working more than 3 years in the field of advertising.

– Tell us about the most interesting project that you’ve participated in.

– I think I must note the project for promoting the Solnechnaya Dolina Ski Resort. Within a complex social media marketing strategy we realized broad gamification. Using the social media site VKontakte, we released a game called #SunnyQuest. Throughout the whole season we gave people a chance to participate in games, earn points, and gain prizes. At the same time, we posted stories that we thought up about two brothers who came to relax at Solnechnaya Dolina, and found a mysterious cave, and within it – an artifact, the source of which they had to figure out together with all the subscribers. The scope of the full advertising campaign was more than 1,500,000 people. This is a good result, the client was happy.

– How difficult is this profession? Was the knowledge that you received in university enough?

– Like in any profession, it is impossible to know everything in advertising. You must always monitor the market, look at what your competitors are doing, and follow trends. You learn something new each day. In terms of the knowledge I received in university studying in the Advertising and Public Relations program, I’ll say this: I gained a very broad base of knowledge which I use to the full extent possible. Over the last year and a half, I have noticed that I sometimes come into contact with approaches or concepts that they told us about. Here the rule of “It will come in handy in the future” definitely applies.

– What qualities must a person who chooses this profession have?

– No fear of trying new things, and the ability to foresee trends. In advertisement, you are always risking something. You can’t be 100% sure that a particular advertising push will reach the full target audience. To avoid failures, you need to also have patience and the ability to more thoroughly get to know the task at hand to complete thorough monitoring. A desire to constantly learn and absorb is another important quality.

– What would you liked to warn people of who are choosing this program?

– You will have to work very hard. In this field, there is no way around this. But this isn’t just physical work, but also intellectual. So, be ready for constant brainstorming, constantly gaining new knowledge, and mastering new horizons.

– What would you like to wish to future specialists in advertising?

– Right now, the whole market is trying to follow trends. You must be in first place among them all. For this to become reality, you be constantly working and stay informed of current events. And, of course, don’t forget about the basics that you learned during your education. No one has gotten rid of those! 


Olga Vazhenina
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