On the Road to Dreams: Student of the Institute of Architecture and Construction about their Education


Yesterday the record number of applicants at SUSU was broken – over 24 hours more than 1500 people sent their documents to the admissions campaign. For those applicants who have still not made their choice, second-year student from the Institute of Architecture and Construction Pavel Pichugov spoke about education in the institute, his summer practical lessons, and plans for the future.

 – Why did you apply to the Institute of Architecture and Construction?

– I have wanted to become an architect since I was a child. The ability to fantasize and a desire to create made me spend hours at my children's construction set, and every day I understood better who I wanted to be in the future. This is why my definite choice was the Institute of Architecture and Construction.

 – What is the most important thing that you learned?

 – The most important thing for me was to learn the basics of design and composition rules, because thanks to these courses it is possible to create beautiful, functional architectural designs and reflect them on paper so that everyone understood your idea without exception. 

 – What is the most difficult thing in education, and what is the best thing?

– The most difficult thing of all was to get used to the large amount of information that needs to be understood and learn to apply them in practice. But this even helps you master any material. Of course, the best thing about education is the friends and classmates with whom education becomes both interesting and fun.

 – What do you do in the summer? Where are you completing your practical lessons?

 – I plan on resting this summer, but sometimes I draw for myself or for clients, I do some sports, and am completing summer practicals. Right now we have an academic practical: plain air and geodesic. In plain air the whole group goes out into the streets of our city, we choose an architectural object, and draw it on paper in various styles. Geodesic practice typically occurs in the park near the campus. We evaluate the location and do a schematic map, all with the help of special equipment:  a builder's level and a transit compass. Usually passers-by look at us with curiosity and ask to see what we are drawing or sketching, and their compliments boost our spirits and let us know that our work isn't in vain.

 – What do you plan on doing after your education?

 – Apply to the master's program and then go work in this field. After all, this is my dream.

Ekaterina Kuznetsova
Event date: 
Sunday, 9 July, 2017 - 11:15
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