SUSU Postgraduates Receive the First Diplomas


A ceremonial awarding of diplomas on the completion of postgraduate studies was held June 29th. Diplomas were awarded to 32 postgraduates, among which were 4 international students.

This year, postgraduates graduated by the federal state academic standard. Earlier, graduates were only given documents about their completion of the candidate exams and a form about completing their postgraduate program.

“Today is a momentous day, since this year the first international postgraduate students are graduating. They came to Chelyabinsk from Iraq, Yemen, Mongolia, and China. It’s important that each of the graduates brings to their country a piece of Russian science,” said head of the Postgraduate Office, Nadezhda Zhilenkova.

We asked the international students why they chose education in Russia and what they received from this experience.


Abdula Hoshan Farhad Abdula, Iraq

School of Economics and Management, Labor Economics and Personnel Management.

– Why did you decide to study in Russia?

I was looking for the possibilities of continuing my studies and found out about a scholarship from the Iraqi government for studies in Russia. At that time, I didn’t know anything about Russian universities, and I found SUSU by accident on the internet. I received the invitation and came to study, and began to learn Russian. Then I started in the post-graduate studies program. If I am honest, Russian was very difficult for me. It is a difficult language. To this day I have some issues with grammar, but I already understand a lot.

– Tell us about your student experience.

– In the first year of my education I brought my family to Chelyabinsk, but they could not stay here and I went home on the holidays. SUSU is a good university. I am lucky to study here. I am very thankful to Ekaterina Gennadevna Korotkova, who taught me Russian. She is a wonderful and very polite teacher. We also had a great group, people from Yemen, Mongolia, and China. We became good friends. I hope that we continue talking for many years. The only thing I did not really get a feel for is Russian food. I am very used to my eastern cuisine, so I always cook for myself. I can say that I like Chelyabinsk. However, the climate is quite harsh here – it can be very cold and very hot. Nonetheless, I am very happy that I am completing my post-graduate studies in this university. Now I can do my favorite thing – teach.

– Did you have any stereotypes about Russia?

– No, only in relation to Ukraine. I read a lot about Russia and knew the history and that the 90s were a thing of the past. After the 2000s, Russia turned into a wonderful country – the time of the mafia is in the past. I recommend all tourists to visit here.

– What are you plans for the future?

– After graduation I’ll return to my motherland and will teach. I love teaching and am meant for it. From the very beginning I knew that mathematics and chemistry are not my thing – I am a more humanitarian person. I think that I will be a good teacher. Thanks to SUSU I feel confident in my ability to give people knowledge.

– What advice can you give to international students planning on coming to study at SUSU?

Study as much as possible. Many international students come here and waste all of their time talking with girls. I don’t recommend that. Be able to combine studies and dating. Then everything will be fine.


Husein Husam Mohammed Ali, Yemen

Institute of Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminology and Forensic Examination

– Why did you decide to study in Russia?

– I really liked this country and wanted to spend some time here and get to know its culture and people. Alongside that I wanted to continue my students. So I got in touch with the Russian cultural representative in Yemen. Through them, I came upon South Ural State University.

– Did you enjoy studying at SUSU?

– I had only positive impressions from my studies at SUSU and from the city. I liked everything: the education, my group, and the teachers. We had very interesting subjects, but the studies were difficult. My training in Russian was limited to 4 months – but all of the subjects were taught in Russian. Looking back, I understand that I have a wonderful experience and valuable knowledge.

– What surprised you much of all during your time here?

– The people in Chelyabinsk are very nice. I will very fondly remember the Ural climate. Winter is very cold. We don’t have snow in Yemen, so Russian winter was a new discovery for me. The weather in the summer is wonderful. Summer in the Ural region is very beautiful. I was able to visit Ural lakes – these are unforgettable places.

– What are your plans for the future?

I will teach law at one of the universities in my country?

– What is your advice for SUSU international students?

– Learn Russian as much as possible to understand all of your subjects. It’s very upsetting to not understand part of the materials because of your lack of understanding. Especially when it’s interesting. Believe me, the education at SUSU is worth your time and energy. Be brave!


Nataliya Shankova, Yekaterina Kuznetsova; Photo: Oleg Igoshin
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