Day of Inventors and Innovators: SUSU’s Most Successful Developments


On the last Saturday of June the Day of Inventors and Innovators is celebrated every year. At SUSU, researchers work on developments, work on inventions, and form innovative propositions all year.

Inventions are completed on every level, from students to professors. Annually, small innovative businesses are founded at our university based on their creations. The businesses work on transferring technology and offer completed solutions to a wide range of contractual partners.

This table lists the most in-demand university’s developments in the market. Business entities were created for the implementation of these developments with SUSU’s participation. Based on their creations, the authors were able to form competitive completed products, and now our daughter companies have a significant volume of products.

The second area of invention work is partnership with big clients. Work is completed in the university to fulfill resolutions from the Government of the Russian Federation #218 aimed at developing cooperation between Russian institutions of higher education and industrial establishments to complete complex projects for the creation of high-tech manufacturing. Such projects are being completed by university researchers with such companies as KAMAZ, the manufacturing company Khodoviye Systemy (Undercarriages), the Chelabinsk radio factory Polyot, and many more.

The same kind of work with industrial partners is completed to execute federal programs and state assignments. In a number of situations, companies speak directly with SUSU researchers, ordering research, highly valuing the level of skills and scientific potential from our university. Our projects, for example, are tied to electrical engineering, forging and stamping production, automobile building, and so on (you can view this table showing the most meaningful results of intellectual activity formed in the interests of industrial partners).

All of this shows that the creations by South Ural State University researchers are needed in both small businesses and large manufacturing companies. Thanks to them, these businesses receive competitive advantages in both the Russian and international markets.

One example of such creations is the shutoff and control ball valve created by Vladimir Andrianov. At this time, his development is being patented in China and is planned for release on the international market. 


Ekaterina Kuznetsova
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