From Prototype Creation to Helicopter Engines: the Unlimited Possibilities of the SUSU Experimental Mechanical Engineering Research Institute


The South Ural State University’s Experimental Mechanical Engineering research institute includes five breakthrough laboratories: the Laboratory of Physical Modeling of Thermomechanical Processes, the Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics, the Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering, the Laboratory of Composite Materials, and the Laboratory of Electronic Management System Shell design. The institute is led by candidate of technical sciences Ramil Zakirov.

«All of the laboratories are interconnected. For example, some work is being completed in the Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics, and prototypes need to be created in the Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering. The Experimental Mechanical Engineering research institute’s main goal is to create ties between all of the divisions and find clients and partners for them among Chelyabinsk and Russia’s industrial companies,» says Ramil Zakirov.

The Experimental Mechanical Engineering institute’s more than 40 staff members complete various research and manufacturing tasks every day. All of the laboratories complete many research and academic projects individually and also provide services for commercial contracts with Chelyabinsk region industrial companies. Postgraduate students and doctoral students at South Ural State University contact the institute when completing their research and experiments. The results of research completing using the laboratory’s modern equipment are published in highly rated scientific journals indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases.

«The university’s researchers work on tasks which sometimes require the creation of prototypes. For this, they bring the institute their blueprints and with those we create the pieces that they need at the Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering, the Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics, or in our manufacturing space located in Chelyabinsk’s metallurgical region where the Laboratory of Electronic Management System Shells is located,» explains the director of the institute.

Students of technical disciplines work in the laboratories’ special classes. There they can complete training and get to know modern equipment. This significantly helps future SUSU graduates become highly-qualified specialists and become in-demand in the labor market after completing their degree.

«Many manufacturing companies in Chelyabinsk and the region come to us for help. Our advantage is that we answer quickly. After receiving a request, we can tell them if we are able to create the prototype or product that they need within a day. For businesses the speed of order completion is extremely important,» shares Ramil Agzamovich.

On April 9th 2010, the Russian government approved resolution #218 On Measures of State Support of the Development of Cooperation Between Russian Institutes of Higher Education and Organizations Completing Complex Projects for the Creation of High-Tech Manufacturing. The Experimental Mechanical Engineering research institute has signed many contracts within this program. The main industrial partners of the institute are manufacturing giants – Metran PG, Turbina AO SKB, ChTZ-URALTRAK OOO, Truboprokatniy Zavod, the watch factory Molnia, Androidnaya Technica NPO, Kamaz PAO, Elmetro-Grupp, and many others. South Ural State University has a well-deserved reputation as a reliable partner.

«Reputation, quality, and our turnaround time, of course, means that we are contacted by businesses all around Russia about orders,» notes Ramil Zakirov, «Not every business in Russia can boast the same fast production speed and unwavering high quality of product creation. In addition, our engineers write programs themselves for material treatments on lathes. For example, today in the Laboratory of Composite Materials, work is being done in the development of constructions and technologies for preparing the inlet housing of a gas turbine engine for a helicopter from composite and polymeric materials for the Klimov plant»

Among the interesting projects we can note the work of the Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics in the creation of parts for the engine of the Russian tank T-14 Armata (the only third generation, post-war tank in the world) with technology created by the laboratory’s specialists. The leadership of the Experimental Mechanical Engineering research institute has big plans for the work and modernization of its laboratories. This summer they are already planning on expanding the Laboratory of Composite Materials where both research and manufacturing equipment will be installed. In addition, they are planning equipment certification and the accreditation of the Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics.

The Experimental Mechanical Engineering research institute is planning on continuing its work on improving partnerships between the laboratories and with Chelyabinsk and Russian manufacturing companies. The results of this work will become, without a doubt, interesting projects and scientific developments. 



Olga Romanovskaya; photo by Oleg Igoshin, Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
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