“SUSU Will Move Forward Due to the Administration, Students and Academic Staff” – Interview with Jaewan Kim


In the framework of the International Research Council Doctor Jaewan Kim, a professor of the School of Computational Sciences of the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (Republic of Korea) delivered a lecture on quantum entanglement for students and academic staff of our University. We have asked the professor how quantum computing will affect the future and what skills are required for work with computers and what foreign scholars think of SUSU.

– Tell us about your cooperation with SUSU and future joint projects.

– I am focused on quantum information, to be precise on quantum optics, computation and communication. At SUSU Professor Podoshedov also works in the sphere of quantum and nonlinear optics. I hope for further cooperation in these fields.

– You deal with quantum computers. How will they change our future?

– Quantum computers can solve such problems, which can’t be solved on classical computers. Today we are extending the potential of traditional computers, but they still can’t solve all problems that occur. For example, today cryptography is based on complex mathematical problems, which can be solved only by quantum computers. Also, quantum information makes it possible to apply such methods as quantum key distribution or quantum cryptography, which can’t be attacked by no computer techniques. Therefore, quantum cryptography can ensure secure communications.

– A year ago BBC published an article under the title “Quantum computing: Game changer or security threat?” How can you answer this question?

– Quantum computers can solve an array of complicated problems, but a question of communication security arises. However, quantum key distribution and quantum cryptography can guarantee a safe communication channel. Consequently, we shouldn’t worry about communication security. The humankind is waiting for progress.

– You are the IRC member. Tell us about the changes which happened at SUSU over the course of your participation. What aspects should SUSU work on?

– In comparison with Moscow State University (MSU) and Saint Petersburg University (SPbU) South Ural State University is a relatively small university. However, SUSU has an advantage, a good location. The University is located in the center of Russia, uniting Asia and Europe as the Great Silk Road. A possibility of future development hides in this fact. At the same time, the University staff have a lot of energy, and the leadership is very dynamic. The University is working hard. I think that SUSU will have a promising future, especially with its supercomputer which is a heart of the University. Metallurgy and materials science are quite well developed in the region, and the capacity of SUSU in the field of computer technology may provide excellent research facilities for these areas. SUSU will move forward owing to its administration, students and academic staff.

– Today computers are indispensable in our life. Can we say that learning methods for the use of computer systems, analysis and data security are becoming an obligatory skill today?

– In the modern world business, science and technology are firmly interrelated with computational power and date processing. At the same time, there is an issue of information security in the era of malware and computer viruses. We should know about these threats. New information technologies have enormous benefits for business and science, but if you are not ready for them, they can be destructive. We should be familiar with technologies and we should know their tender spots in order to be ready for the future.

– What is SUSU like according to modern scientists? How the University should involve foreign scholars in collaboration and gain confidence of the international scientific community?

– SUSU is practically unknown in the international scientific community, except for some areas, such as materials science and computer sciences. I suppose that SUSU should concentrate on these areas, which will lead to development of other fields. If you allocate your resources among all areas, it’s not a good strategy. SUSU has a great number of resources, especially human resources. The University has a great potential.


Ekaterina Kuznetsova, photo by Oleg Igoshin
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