Lecture and Practical Seminar by Doctor Panayiotis Andreas Koutentis (University of Cyprus) Held at SUSU


A scientific seminar was held as part of the third International Research Council at South Ural State University. The moderator of this event was world-famous researcher in organic chemistry, doctor Panayiotis Koutentis. At the seminar, six scientific developments were presented to the professor by young, talented SUSU researchers.

In 2016, South Ural State University became a member of the 5-100 Project for Russian academic excellence aimed at increasing the competitiveness of leading Russian universities among leading international research centers. One of the university’s most important tasks was entering a few international, field-specific ratings, including materials science ratings.

“Materials science is located on the crossroads of physics and chemistry. This area is being worked on in two institutes at SUSU – the Institute of Natural Sciences and the Polytechnic Institute,” explains the dean of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Institute of Natural Sciences, director of the Nanotechnology RES, Vyacheslav Avdin, “in studying the current situation and the development of strategies for entering field-specific ratings, we found that scientific collectives of the university do not work together enough in materials science. The goal of the seminar, on the one hand, is discussing presentations by scientific groups in this area and evaluation of said presentations by professor Koutentis. On the other hand, based on the comments and advice from the international researcher, we are building our cooperation and correcting our plans for more effective work in publishing scientific articles in highly-rated international journals in the Scopus and WoS databases for materials science.”

Doctor Koutentis and the audience saw demonstrations of scientific developments by representatives of six of SUSU’s scientific collectives. The young researchers can already be said to be successful – all of them are authors of no less than 2-3 publications in international journals in the first and second quartile in physics and chemistry.

Natalia Tarasova and Elena Ilinykh, candidates of chemistry and associate professors of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry, gave a presentation entitled “Organic synthesis of heterocyclic compounds.” Postgraduate student of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry Ekaterina Artemeva discussed her developments on the topic “Obtaining new organoelemental compounds”. There was lively discussion after the presentation by researcher of the Nanotechnology RES, candidate of chemistry Irina Yushina, on the topic “Large-scale computer modeling.” Roman Morozov, postgraduate student of the Department of Ecology and Chemical Technologies, discussed the peculiarities of composite nanostructure materials as modern catalysts. Svetlana Gudkova, senior researcher of the Laboratory of Crystal Growth at SUSU, offered a presentation entitled “Functional monocrystals for electronics”.

Participants of the discussion, along with Doctor Koutentis, agreed about the unconditional usefulness of scientific collaboration in the seminar format, since this allows for the exchange of experiences in live dialog or even push the participants of the seminar towards scientific discoveries.


ЮУрГУ. В ЮУрГУ состоялся научно-практический семинар доктора Панайотиса Андреаса Коутентиса (Университет Кипра)


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