The Birth of the Truck of the Future: From Pilot Samples to Testing


The third stage of creating the car of the future was completed at the Center of Computer Engineering at SUSU.

The third stage of work within the Decree of the RF Government from April 9th, 2010 #218 was completed at the Center of Computer Engineering. For the third year already, the Center’s specialists, alongside the giant of the Russian automobile industry PAO KAMAZ are developing a model of the car of the future, equipped with all of the possible technical novelties. The creation of an innovative «smart» freight truck able to adequately respond to road conditions and independently make «intelligent» decisions is being held under support of the Russian government.

Under the governmental degree, engineers of the SUSU Center of Computer Engineering are completing a few large projects. The key project among them is the high-tech manufacturing of the next generation of energy-efficient transmissions for KAMAZ vehicles.

The engineers have completed the design portion of the projects at this time. The transmission’s design was created, the technical decisions have been agreed upon, and the design and repair documentation have been created.

Next is the creation of pilot samples and the first testing of the «smart» KAMAZ freight vehicle. A number of stand tests are planned on the factory’s stand equipment, then a number of run tests for the axle will be held already within the full automobile.

In the future, of course, they plan on moving the product to manufacturing and realizing new products under the respected KAMAZ brand.

According to head builder of the SUSU Center of Computer Engineering Sergey Taran, one of the key advantages of the Center is the use of innovative technologies for end-to-end design. Using this, modeling and engineering calculations are completed in one environment simultaneously by engineers of the Center of Computer Engineering and KAMAZ. This gives them the opportunity to significantly reduce the amount of time needed to make engineering decisions and quickly and effectively test out products in the production environment.

«The developments are carried out on the Simens NX system», says Sergey Taran, «This is a builder’s environment in which the engineers of KAMAZ PAO work. At this time, the engineers of the SUSU CCU are actively mastering the Kisssoft software, which is used by all of KAMAZ’s technical services. This gives us the ability to pass on technical information directly to the manufacturer without any mistakes or distortions. The manufacturers, on their side, can make changes to the existing design created by the Center’s engineers and hold technological preparations for testing».


Decree of the RF Government from April 9th, 2010 #218: On Measures of State Support of the Development of Cooperation between Russian Educational Institutions of Higher Education, State Research Institutions, and Organizations Realizing Complex Projects for Creating High-tech Manufacturing within the Sub-Program «Institutional Development of the Science and Research Sector of the State Program of the Russian Federation ‘Development of Science and Technology 2013-2020’»


Yulia Rudneva
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