Scientific Findings of Master's Degree Students from Iraq Have Been Approved at the International Conference


Master's Degree students from Iraq majoring in Philology (Theory and Practice of English Language) presented the results of their research at the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Destiny of Ethnic Cultures Under Globalization" in Chelyabinsk State University. Under the supervision of academic advisors, who are the candidates of philological sciences, associate professors of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communication of SUSU (B.G. Fatkulin, E.I. Khabirova, E.S. Balandina), the postgraduates studied topical linguistic problems.

At the plenary session of the conference a second-year Master's Degree student Ali Gomar Ali (guided by B.G. Fatkulin) made a report in English titled "Influence of the Iraqi Arabic National Culture on the Process of English Apperception."

First-year Master's Degree students became active participants of the section devoted to the reflection of the problems of ethnic cultures in linguistic aspects. Hasan Esam Hasan (guided by E.S. Balandina) presented the report on "Various approaches to language awareness." Faisal Aljarian (guided by E.I. Khabirova) devoted his speech to "The impact of cultural interference on second language acquisition."

Scientific breakthroughs made by foreign postgraduates turned out to be successful due to the high professionalism of academic advisors and their adequate approach to the organization of scientific work conducted by supervisees. In addition, high-quality teaching of special courses, such as Linguistic Analysis of Texts, Philology in the System of Advanced Humanities Knowledge , Methods for Linguistic Research, etc., provides future experts in philology with academic background necessary to conduct independent research. As a result, all Philology Master's Degree program graduates acquire background knowledge on the theoretical fundamentals of this field of study, develop their skills in research activities and become competent specialists.


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