Rector of SUSU held a meeting with a higher management of “Emerson” company

Photo of the Rector of SUSU Aleksandr Shestakov in the Integrated Operations Center of Emerson Company in Austin

From the 15th to 17th of December the Rector of South Ural State University Aleksandr Shestakov held a series of meetings in the USA with the management of “Emerson” company which is an absolute leader in industrial automation systems and a long-time strategic business partner of the University. The automation standards, that are developed here, are used by such industrial giants as Yokogawa Electric, ABB, Siemens and General Electric.

Throughout the visit the Rector attended laboratory on unmanned technologies, new technologies for the production management in the city of Austin, the State of Texas.  Besides, the meeting with top-managers of the company was held in the company’s headquarter in the city of Saint Louis.

As a consequence of the negotiation, it was confirmed that the Emerson Corporation and South Ural State University go on further close cooperation and plan to facilitate it. Also there were marked out several focuses of business and science interaction: 

1. Development of joint projects in the field of automation systems production that work in severe climate conditions – conditions of extreme heat and extreme cold. At the present day the representatives of Chelyabinsk Engineering School, employees of Metran Company (subsidiary enterprise of “Emerson” Corporation) have already had the first successes in this field.

2. Creation of the University-based laboratories under the supervision of a leading American scientist in the field of measuring devices development, including a deep self-diagnostics. According to the President of the Corporation Edward Monser, today the “Emerson” has several laboratories involved in these issues, but an undoubted competitive advantage of the University is the high competence in the field of deep mathematical data processing which is difficult for “Emerson” to implement within the company. The administration is interested in the results presented by SUSU at the congress of IMECO in September 2015. During the visit to the United States the arrangements on search of a world leader in this field have been reached in order to create such research laboratory. 

3. The “Emerson” company’s organizational support for changes associated with the restructuring of the University because of its entrance into a 5-100 program, particularly the introduction of the company’s representative at the level of Vice President into the international advisory council of the University. The presence of representative of the world's largest high-tech businesses in the advisory council will have a positive impact on the development of research and innovation activities at the University.

4. The development of programs of bilateral academic mobility. Today the “Emerson” Company is ready to support the University’s students in their mastering of academic disciplines at partner universities in the USA, particularly the University of Texas in Austin (46th place in the ranking of THE 2016). In addition, the option of training of American students, potential employees of the corporation within one or two semesters at South Ural State University is considered to familiarize them with our engineering school

It should again be noted that the agreement in principle was reached on all matters that had been discussed. The company's management expressed the highest interest in continuing the cooperation with South Ural State University.

The President of Process Systems and Solutions Department of Emerson Company arranges an excursion in the Integrated Operations Center for Aleksandr Shestakov.

Ben Bishop, Integrated Operations Center manager of the Emerson Company, explains the principles of system’s work.

The author of the article is Daria Gorshenina

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