Postgraduate Student of the Faculty of Power Engineering Creates the World's Newest Control System of Wind Turbines

Postgraduate student of the Faculty of Power Engineering of SUSU Yevgeny Sirotkin is developing the world’s newest control system of wind turbines which will help to minimize the risk of accidents during the operation of wind turbines, as well as to significantly increase its energy efficiency.

The control system consists of mechanical and electro-mechanical units, programmable microcontroller, and a set of sensors to monitor the current state of main components of wind turbines. The proposed development will meet all the requirements for standardization and unification of industrial products which will be integrated into any design of wind turbines.

One of the supporters of commercialization of the project is the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The military department will be equipping anti-aircraft missiles with autonomous energy sources including wind turbines. Now of all times the state needs the support of its military capabilities taking into account the increase in the external global threats.

In addition, the team of scientists in which Yevgeny Sirotkin works is challenged by the new tasks related to recent developments in the Republic of Crimea, namely by the long energy blockade in conditions of which the peninsula requires its own independent energy sources like never before.

For the realization of his post-graduate research project the post graduate student will receive substantial funding from Small Enterprise Assistance Fund in accordance with the ‘U.M.N.I.K.’ program.


Event date: 
Friday, 18 December, 2015 - 12:15
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