Young Scientists of Physics and Metallurgy Faculty of SUSU Invented New Process of Steel and Molded Pieces Production

Young scientists of Physics and Metallurgy Faculty have become the winners of “U.M.N.I.K.” competition in the field of “Up-to-date materials and technologies of their production”. 

The Assistant of the Department “Metallurgy and Molded Production” Semen Salikhov presented a project called “The development of through energy- and resource-conserving technology of direct processing of lumpy siderite ore into steel” (scientific supervisor – Professor Vasilii Roshchin)

The project was a part of the work of “Metallurgy and Molded Production” Department. Based on the theory of recovery mechanisms that were developed in the Department, young scientist has invented the scheme with the help of which it is possible to get finished steel out of siderite, and also an additional product which is high-magnesia slag that can be used in refractory industry.

Now the experiments with the help of modeling and in practice - in laboratory furnace are held in the Department. Further plans of Semen include getting several dozens of tons of the material which is developed due to abovementioned technology and conducting the experiment with the help of industrial equipment.

One more winner of the competition is the Master student of the Department of “Metallurgy and Molded Production” Ranil Gabbasov has presented jury new technological decisions that increase the quality of molding made of intermetallic alloys. The topic of the project is “Development of materials and production technologies of responsible molding pieces on the basis of titanium and aluminum intermetallic compounds” (scientific supervisor – Professor Vitalii Dubrovin).

Titanium and aluminum intermetallic compound is an alloy which exhibits high strength-weight ratio in the conditions of low density. It may be applied in the enterprises of aeronautic motor industry and space engine industry.

Each winner of “U.M.N.I.K.” competition has obtained the right to conduct a state contract with the Fund of interaction for the development of small forms of enterprises in scientific and technical sphere for Research work implementation in the framework of declared subject of the project to the amount of 400 thousand rubles. 

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