AD means Art Design: All-Russian Competition of Advertising Design at SUSU is over

Association and provocation are not just modern words in the lexicon of a present-day ad maker. These are the tools of realization of the ideas for selling goods and services. November 27-30 these tools were presented at the project exhibition of All-Russian Competition "Art Design in Advertising" organized by Trade and Economic Faculty.
During 4 days in SUSU Exhibition Hall more than 130 works of students from Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Cheboksary, Novosibirsk and other cities of Russia were tested by the experts. Once, Artemy Lebedev, famous Russian designer, said: "The ability to estimate a good design is not less achievement than the ability to create it". That is why every year Trade and Economic Faculty invites the managers of leading advertising agencies and best designers of the region to estimate the students' projects. 
"This year the best projects were represented in nomination "Corporate Design". Interesting ideas with good and non-standard visualisation. In my opinion one of the best projects was the redesign of corporate style of "Dva Komsomoltsa", Chelyabinsk printing office", says Olga Vasik, designer-illustrator, member of jury and graduate of Trade and Economic Faculty. "Of course, you can clearly see that the works represented at the exhibition were done by students. Some projects were not practical enough from the point of view of technology and some projects were missing the technique from the point of view of visualisation. The students should always remember that they can become good designers only if they have constant practice, working with different companies and different products. It is necessary to estimate your own projects and the projects of your colleagues all the time. That is the way how you can acquire the necessary experience and form your own unique creative style. I sincerely congratulate all the designers and ad makers who took part in the competition and I wish all of you new achievements, inspiration and constant professional growth!"
At the end of the Competition 30 winning places were determined.
Nomination "Entertaining Show Bill":
1st place – was not given
2nd place – Kameneva Oksana Aleksandrovna, Bashkir State University, "SOMETHING" («НЕЧТО»)
Nomination "Social Advertising":
1st place – Ivanova Anastasiya Ivanovna, South Ural Institute of Management and Economics, "You yell - I bite" («Будешь ругаться - буду кусаться»)
2nd place – Osipova Anastasiya Alekseevna, South Ural Institute of Management and Economics, "Noisy Neighbours" («Шумные соседи»)
3d place – Zabolotnova Aleksandra, SUSU, "He has to be free" («Его место на свободе»)
3d place – Trofimov Dmitry Mikhaylovich, Marnitogorsk State University, "Don't drink, Ivanushka, or you'll turn into a calf" («Не пей, Иванушка, козленочком станешь»)
Special prize for "Idea" – Shchuplov Roman Aleksandrovich, Bashkir State University, "Compile a portrait of historic criminal" («Собери портрет исторического преступника»)
Special prize for "Usefulness" - Zabiyaka Pavel, Ural Social-Economic Institute, "Healthy Lifestyle" («Здоровый образ жизни»)
Nomination "Advertising Calendar":
1st place – Kashina Ekaterina Georgievna, ЮУПИ, "Advertising Calendar of Paint Production Company Sonet" («Рекламный календарь фирмы по производству красок Sonet»)
2nd place – Loshkaryova Ulyana Vasilevna, SUSU, "Calendar for National Zoological Park of Udmurtia" («Календарь для национального зоологического парка Удмуртии»)
2nd place – Lomaeva Ekaterina Vladimirovna, SUSU, "Calendar for "Mafiya" game" («Календарь игры «Мафия»)
3d place – Nikitenko Anastasiya Aleksandrovna, Marnitogorsk State University, "Stationery "Tsirkul" («Канцтовары «Циркуль»)
Special prize for "Idea" - Khoroshunets Anna Sergeevna, Marnitogorsk State University, "Garden Centre "Inspiration" («Садовый центр «Вдохновение»)
Nomination "Exterior Advertising":
1st place – Maltseva Darya, SUSU, "Art Shop "ProArt" («Художественный магазин ProArt»)
2nd place – Eliseeva Mariya Vyacheslavovna, SUSU, "Konfael" («Конфаэль»)
3d place – Israfilova Aelita Adisovna, Marnitogorsk State University, "Radio Station ON FM" («Радиостанция ON FM»)
Special prize for "Idea" - Ryazanov Mikhail Aleksandrovich, Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts, Advertising posters "Boxes", "Wind", "Entrance"
Nomination "Advertising Package":
1st place – Bakhtina Anastasiya Igorevna, SUSU, Package for music CD
2nd place – Khudoborodova Mariya Aleksandrovna, SUSU, Package for tea "Traditsiya"
Nomination "Internet-Banner":
1st place – was not given
2nd place – was not given
3d place – Tsygankova Aleksandra Alekseevna, Ural State University of Physical Education, "Events "Happy Birthday!"
Special prize for "Technical Completeness" – Kameneva Oksana Aleksandrovna, Kireevskaya Yana Sergeevna, Levacheva Evgeniya Yurevna, Bashkir State University, "Automobile Exhibition" («Выставка автомобилей»)
Nomination "Advertising Booklet":
1st place – Radionov Andrey Yurevich, Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts, "Booklet for CSACA Faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts" («Буклет факультета Декоративно-прикладного творчества ЧГАКИ»)
2nd place – Sitnikova Anna Leonidovna, SUSU, "Store "Bershka" («Магазин одежды «Bershka»)
2nd place – Bayazitova Vlada Salavatovna, SUSU, "Booklet for Interior Desing Studio" («Буклет интерьерной студии косплееров»)
3d place – Fedenyov Pavel Sergeevich, Bashkir State University, "Booklet for bladed weapon store "Taktika" («Буклет для магазина клинкового оружия Тактика»)
3d place – Kondrateva Alina Vladimirovna, Marnitogorsk State University, "Booklet for company "" («Бклет для фирмы Компас.про»)
Special prize for "Originality" - Rudnik Ekaterina Mikhaylovna, "Booklet for beauty salon"Rafael" («Буклет для салона красоты «Рафаэль»)
Nomination "Corporate Design":
1st place – Baymakova Aleksandra, SUSU, "Corporate Design of Head Hat Company" («Фирменный стиль компании «Head Hat»)
1st place – Fisaenko Tatyana, SUSU, "Developing of corporate style for food-design contest "Vkusnaya Geraldika" («Разработка концепции фирменного стиля конкурса фуд-дизайна «Вкусная геральдика»)
2nd place – SUSU, "Corporate style of Green Club Fitness Centre" («Фирменный стиль фитнес-центра «Green club»)
2nd place – Smetanina Anna, SUSU, "Developing of corporate style for food-design contest "Vkusnaya Geraldika" («Разработка концепции фирменного стиля конкурса фуд-дизайна «Вкусная геральдика»)
3d place – Zamyatina Elga Vladimirovna, Siberian State Aerospace University, "Corporate style of Krasnoyarsk rock band GoodWeen" («Фирменный стиль красноярской рок-группы GoodWeen»)
3d place – Kalashnikov Konstantin, Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts, "Open Championship "City after city" («Открытый чемпионат «Город за городом»)
3d place – Ledovskikh Anastasiya Viktorovna, Kama State Academy of Engineering and Economics, "Caffee "Glagol" («Кафе «Глаголъ»)
Special prize for "Theme Completeness" – Krasovskaya Kseniya, Potemkin Konstantin, Siberian State Aerospace University, "Yarpiar" («Ярпиар»)
Special prize for "Gumption" – Rybakova Yana, SUSU, "Printing Office CMYKalka" («Типография CMYKалка»)
Special prize for "Support of youth trend" - Chugunova Kseniya Anatolevna, Kama State Academy of Engineering and Economics, "Skate-park 7.42" («Скейт-парк 7.42»)
Nomination «POS-materials»:
1st place – Mamaev Artyom Viktorovich, SUSU, "Cottage Juices" («Соки Cottage»)
2nd place – Kolbina Marina Vladimirovna, SUSU, "Store Las Knigas" («Магазин Лас-Книгас»)
3d place – Feshchenko Elena Sergeevna, Bashkir State University, "Ren TV" («Рен ТВ»)
We would like to thank all talented young people for courage, vivid advertising solutions and creative way of thinking! We will meet again at AD-2013!
Event date: 
Monday, 3 December, 2012 - 09:30
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