Young scientists of Faculty of Food Technology are considered to be the best in the region

On the 13th of November in Residence of Chelyabinsk Region Governor there was the awarding ceremony of the winners in the regional contest of research works among students, postgraduates and young scientists of higher educational institutions organized by the Ministry of Education and Science with the help of Chelyabinsk Region Administartion. The winner of the contest awarded by the grant and diploma in technical sciences in group of "young scientists" became Natalya Leonidovna Naumova, Candidate of Science, Associate Professor of Catering Technology and Arrangement Department of SUSU Faculty of Food Technology.
The research work called "Biotechnology of Functional Activity Activation of Bakery Yeast and Sour-Milk Starter Population with the Purpose of Production on its Basis the Enriched Food Products" represented at the contest by Naumova N.L. has a great commercialization potential and referred to the solution of social, economic, ecological and other problems in Chelyabinsk Region.
At the present day there are a lot of worked out physico-chemical intensification methods of growing the bakery yeast and lactic acid bacteria and also the methods of physiological activity increase. The realization of these methods requires the usage of expensive equipment. The author of the research work suggested the usage of enriching biostimulators as the most effective method. This approach allows not only to intensify the industrial processes of microorganisms cultuvation but to improve the quality and nutrition value of food products without increase of additional expenses.
The suggested technology is considered to be unique as the usage of functional activity activation of bulk starter microbiosis in practice will allow not only to decrease the costs of production and to increase the quality of products but to implement the resources and energy saving technologies, to create additional jobs, to improve the labour conditions and to take the prevention measures for some diseases which are caused by improper feeding among population. 
Though Natalya Leonidovna is not satisfied with what has already been achieved. In the nearest future, together with the leading specialists in meat products processing she plans to organize the research complex to work out the formula and production technology of functional meat products. 
The industrial production of meat enriched with vitamines and minerals will allow not only to increase the micronutrient deficiency of the South Ural population but to enlarge the assortment of medical and preventive meat products.
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