Pieces of Advice to SUSU Freshmen from Senior-year Students

The lists of enrolled students have already been published, which means it is time to dive into university life. The first year of studies is the beginning of adulthood, which must be approached fully armed. How to begin completing research, what is the Faculty of Military Training, and what is the Trade Union Committee for? Senior-year students told us about all this.

Viktor Froydenberger

Second-year Master’s student

“Why should you enter the United Student Council? Here, you can represent the interests of all students to the university administration and become a face and voice of the whole student body. You can obtain your first real management experience. You can find a team, friends and love. “You Can” is the best description of the organization in which you will find and unlock all of your opportunities.”

Gennadiy Budanov

“The SUSU Trade Union Committee is a place where absolutely any of your questions will be answered. All forms of scholarships, benefits, and payments, free transport, food stamps, and financial assistance. And together with the Student Coordination Union of the Professional Union of Education, which includes our Trade Union Committee, you can both take part in country-wide events and organize them.”




Yekaterina Kalugina

Second-year Master’s student

“If you love sport in all its forms, you should definitely join Uralsky Sokol (Ural Falcon) Club. You can become a sports organizer, volunteer, sports journalist, or an athlete who takes part in competitions.”



Maksim Zolotov

Fifth-year Specialist programme student

“For work and self-realization, come to the Student Labour Group Headquarters. Here you will find work for your soul: counsellor, builder, or guide. Friends across Russia, travelling, communication, fun, sports, and dancing – it’s all here. One of the big advantages is the guaranteed paid work across Russia in summer season.”

Aleksandr Priadein

First-year Master’s student

“Studying in the Faculty of Military Education is a chance for male students to obtain additional education in the military field without taking a break from their civilian specialty. This is interesting life experience which makes you tougher. You will learn responsibility and discipline and gain a few military comrades.”

Valeriya Shestakova

First-year postgraduate student

“Engage in research. Not for scholarships, but for experience, knowledge, and to improve your skills. The most important thing is to find an advisor who is interested in research just as much as you are. Choose a topic in which you can discover something new, then your articles will be regularly published!”

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