PhD Degree Programmes

Postgraduate Studies in the Russian Federation

The main task throughout the course of a postgraduate programme is to complete research under the guidance of a research advisor and to prepare and publish a dissertation prior to prepare for a Candidate of Sciences defence. In addition, over the period noted for each postgraduate programme, the postgraduate student studies 3 academic disciplines (history and philosophy of science, a foreign language, and a special discipline according to the chosen academic specialization) and takes 3 Candidate exams on those same disciplines.

Postgraduate programmes end with a preliminary dissertation defence. If the preliminary defence is completed successfully, the postgraduate student receives a postgraduate studies certification and a letter from the organization certifying that their completed dissertation meets the requirements of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.

Candidate dissertation defences (earning the title of Candidate of Sciences/PhD) are held by the SUSU Dissertation Council (if a council for the student’s specialization exists at SUSU) or by an outside dissertation council.

Below is a list of academic specializations offered by the schools and institutes.

Institute of Architecture and Construction

School of Economics and Management

School of Medical Biology

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Institute of Linguistics and International Communications

Institute of Media, Social Sciences and Humanities

Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service

Institute of Engineering and Technology

Institute of Law

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