40.04.01 Law. Law and Digital Technologies



Major: Law and Digital Technologies

Level: Master’s degree

Duration of training: 2 years

Degree certificate: Master’s degree

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: English

Tuition fee for year 2021-2022: 156000 rubles (per year)

Programme manager: Elizaveta Gromova, Ph.D., associate professor at the Department of Business, Competition and Ecological Law, gromovaea[at]susu[dot]ru, +7 952 527-68-55

Description of the educational programme

The program is aimed at provision of the students with the in-depth knowledge and practical skills into the field of law and digital technologies from an international, comparative and multidisciplinary perspective.

The program «Law and Digital Technologies» offers a study of a range of law and law-related subjects, which address the opportunities and risks posed by innovation and new technology, including e-commerce, jurisdiction, dispute resolution in cyberspace, cyber security, intellectual property and contracts in the global digital economy.

The Program covers the questions of traditional legal doctrine, as well as the regulatory issues in the spheres of public and private law, international and comparative law. These features make the Program interesting both for recent law graduates, legal practitioners and to the graduates of the other majors interested in studying law in digital era.

The program provides for an in-depth study of the following courses: "Legal provision of the Digital Economy", “Crimes in the sphere of Digital Information Circulation (comparative aspect)”, ‘’Digital Technologies in Civil and Arbitration Proceedings’’, ‘’Contract Law and Digital Relations’’, ‘’Legal Regulation of the Digital Financial Assets’’.

The use of the project management approach in the period of study, the implementation of independent research projects allow graduates to acquire the necessary competencies for work and lead in both international legal and other companies or governmental bodies.

English-speaking lecturers help to create a multicultural environment, implying co-education of students from different countries.

About the Program



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