45.04.01 Philology (Russian Language in Business Communications)

Major: Russian Language in Business Communications

Level: Master’s degree programme

Duration of training: 2,5 years

Degree certificate: Diploma

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager: Elena Kharchenko, Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Professor

Description of the educational programme

This programme is designed for foreign citizens who plan to use the Russian language in their future professional activities. The field of professional activity of the graduates of this programme includes: philology and humanitarian knowledge, interpersonal, intercultural and mass communication in oral, written and virtual form, business communication. The specialists work with languages in their theoretical and practical aspects; business communication and business etiquette; various types of texts; verbal, written, and virtual communication.

Field of future profession

  • Education (teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language) and science (linguistics researcher);
  • Business (guide, translator);
  • International communications;
  • In big governmental and commercial structures with large circulation of documents;
  • In the editing offices of publishers and media;
  • In mass media (press secretary).


Student Office: Room 154, Main University Building, telephone: +7(351)267-91-31, +7(351)267-99-03.

Director’s Office: Room 158, Main University Building, telephone: +7(351)272-32-42, Web-site: ilic.susu.ru

Department: Room 303, Sigma Building, telephone: +7(351)272-31-31, 

E-mail: rki[at]susu[dot]ru.

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