40.04.01 Jurisprudence (Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure)

Major: Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

Level: Master’s degree programme

Duration of training: 2 years

Degree certificate: Diploma

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager: Anna Dmitrieva, Doctor of Sciences (Law), Associate Professor

Description of the educational programme

The goal of the Master's degree programme is to train graduates for educational, law enforcement, and research activities as higher school teachers, judges, law enforcement officers, public servants, or lawyers.

The programme is aimed at providing theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of criminal and criminal-procedural law to form knowledge, skills in law-making, law enforcement, expert and consulting, organizational activities.

A specific feature of this Master's degree programme is its practical orientation. A graduate who has mastered the programme is able to participate in the development of regulatory legal acts, substantiate and make decisions, take actions related to the implementation of legal norms, protect the rights and legitimate interests of the citizens and legal entities, provide legal assistance, advise on legal issues of individuals and legal entities, analyze and apply judicial statistics, including the preparation of judicial acts and adjudication.


Director’s Office of the Institute of Law: SUSU, Room 240, Main University Building, 76 Lenin Prospekt, Chelyabinsk 454080
Tel. +7(351)267-93-41
E-mail: ur-dek[at]susu[dot]ru

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