2.5.11 Land Transport and Technological Systems

Level: Postgraduate studies

Duration of training: 4 years

Degree certificate: Postgraduate studies certification

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: Russian

Research advisors:

  1. Sergeii Kondakov, DSc (Engineering), Associate Professor
    Field of Research: Theory of Motion, Stepless Gears, Steering Mechanisms, Controllability of Curvilinear Motion of Fast Tracked Machines
    Теl.: +7 (351) 267-99-27, +7 (351) 267-94-41
    E-mail: kondakovsv[at]susu[dot]ru

  2. Irina Troianovskaia, DSc (Engineering), Professor
    Field of Research: Theory of Motion of Wheeled and Tracked Machines, Friction Mechanics, Dynamics of Tractor Units and Road Construction Machines
    E-mail: troianovskaiaip[at]susu[dot]ru

  3. Kakhim Mambetalin, DSc (Engineering), Associate Professor

Programme Description

  • Land Transport and Technological Systems is a field of science and engineering that studies the patterns and interconnections in technological processes of object formation by removing a part of the initial volume of material, as well as in technical means (machines, tools, mechanisms, technological equipment) of process implementation at the stages of their creation and operation;
  • study of the interconnections and patterns of this field of science;
  • creation of new and improvement of the existing technological processes of treatment and related equipment, units, mechanisms and other technical means ensuring high competitiveness due to the quality of the formed parts, low cost, increased productivity, reliability, safety, environmental friendliness;
  • development of the theory of technological support and improving the quality of engineering products with the lowest cost of their manufacture.
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