07.03.01 Architecture (Architectural Design)

Major: Architectural Design

Level: Bachelor’s degree programme

Duration of training: 5 years

Degree certificate: Bachelor’s degree

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager: Salavat Shabiev, shabiev[at]susu.ac[dot]ru, тел. 267-98-24

Description of the educational programme

The field of professional activity of graduates of the Bachelor’s degree program includes:

  • Study of the problems of preservation, conservation and modernization of the historical urban environment, of individual architectural complexes and buildings, reconstruction of lost architectural monuments;
  • Study of social, technical and urban issues of sustainable development of architecture;
  • Performance of communicative, intermediary functions for the explanation and promotion of design solutions;
  • Theoretical understanding, critical analysis and evaluation of architecture as a sphere of knowledge and industry in terms of its prerequisites, methods, results and consequences, examination of design decisions;
  • Architectural pedagogy, the realization of the goals of architectural education.

Field of future profession

The objects of professional activity of graduates of the Bachelor’s degree program are the artificial material and spatial environment of human life and society with its components and the processes of its modeling, creation and use by man and society.


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