43.04.03 Hotel Business (General Theory and Practice of Hotel Activity)

Major: General Theory and Practice of Hotel Activity

Level: Master’s degree

Duration of training: 2,5 years

Degree certificate: Master’s degree

Mode of study: Part time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager:

Description of the educational programme

The field of professional activity includes the organization and coordination of hotel business processes that meet the requirements of consumers and modern standards.

The objects of professional activity of 43.04.03 Hotel Business graduates are: hotels and other means of accommodation, objects of sanatorium-resort activity and recreation, food, leisure and other objects of hotel activity; hotel product, including basic, additional and related hotel services; machinery and equipment, providing technological processes of hotel activity; intangible assets owned by hotel enterprises and other means of accommodation on the right of ownership or other legal basis; information resources and systems, means of supporting tools of computer systems and technologies in hotel activity; regulatory legal documentation and production and technological regulations of the hotel activity; intellectual property in the hotel industry; associations and unions, national and international organizations, research and design organizations in the field of hotel activity; professional centres and associations for training, continuing education and advanced training of personnel for the hotel industry.

The main directions of research work of the “Hotel Management” Master’s program:

  • client-oriented technologies in modern hotel service;
  • psychological and pedagogical foundations of the hotel business;
  • innovative approaches in designing information-intensive hotel environment;
  • ergonomics and health protection in hotel and tourist complexes.


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