38.05.02 Custom Affairs

Major: Organization of Customs Control

Level: Specialist’s degree

Duration of training: 5 years — full time, 6 years — part time

Degree certificate: Specialist’s degree

Mode of study: Full time, part time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager: Evgeny Stepanov, 272-30-71, 89080463139, stepanovea[at]susu[dot]ru

Description of the educational programme

The aim of the program is to train specialists in the field of customs and foreign economic activity of companies with in-depth knowledge of customs regulation and control.

Professional skills:

  • Organization and implementation of customs procedures in the Federal Customs Service,
  • Organization of customs control of transportation of goods and vehicles across the customs border,
  • Declaration of goods and vehicles,
  • Calculation of the customs value of goods and customs payments,
  • Organization of foreign economic activity of enterprises,
  • Competences in the field of international logistics,
  • Preparation of foreign trade documentation necessary for the customs declaration of goods,
  • Management of customs offices and their structural subdivisions,
  • Application of information technologies in customs business and means of ensuring their functioning for the purpose of information support of professional activity.

Professional disciplines:

  • Customs - tariff regulation of foreign trade activities,
  • Customs clearance of goods and vehicles,
  • Customs payments,
  • Customs administration,
  • Organization of customs control of goods and vehicles,
  • Risk management system in relation to control of goods and vehicles,
  • Basics of foreign economic activity,
  • Declaration of goods and vehicles,
  • Foreign trade pricing,
  • Foreign trade agreements,
  • Electronic declaration,
  • Alta-Soft software.

Students participate in traineeship programs of SUSU’s partners:  

  • Urals Customs Directorate,
  • Industrial Group Metran CJSC,
  • ChelPipe,
  • JSC Chelyabinsk Electrometallurgical Integrated Plant,
  • Ministry of Economic Development of Chelyabinsk Oblast.

Graduates of the program work in government bodies, enterprises participating in foreign economic activity (exporters, importers), transport and logistics companies, specialized customs intermediary companies, commercial banks, insurance organizations providing assistance to participants in foreign economic activity.

Field of future profession

Organization of Customs Control



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