19.03.03 Foods of Animal Origin

Major: Foods of Animal Origin

Level: Bachelor's degree programme

Duration of training: 4 years

Degree certificate: Diploma

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager: Irina Potoroko, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Professor

Description of the educational programme

This field of training aims at forming students' professional competences in organizing the technological processes of food products manufacturing from raw materials of animal origin (meat, dairy, fish) as based on the principles of resource saving, and providing the population with quality and safe food products.

To enhance the quality of training and developing the required professional skills, a significant part of the studies is held at specialized technological and research laboratories with the use of modern equipment.

During the educational process students master the principles of selecting raw material with the consideration to its technological suitability, as well as the technological processes of food products manufacturing, methodology of developing the design and process-control documentation, and the principles of the process flow organization in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9000.

Students solidify and enhance the obtained knowledge and skills during their internship at the leading sector-related enterprises both in the Ural region and in other regions of the Russian Federation.

Field of future profession

The graduates are in demand as technologists, engineers of the quality control service, or production line supervisors at the processing enterprises in the meat, dairy, and fish industries; or as managing technologists, or consulting technologists at the enterprises producing auxiliary ingredients and materials for these sectors.

In addition, the formed competences allow the graduates to successfully manage the organization of enterprises, as well as work as leading specialists in research laboratories.


Department of Food Technology and Biotechnology:
Rooms 249 and 262, SUSU Building No.2, 85 Lenin Prospekt, Chelyabinsk
Tel.: +7(351)267-93-80, 272-31-83

The School's Student Office: Room 328а, SUSU Building No.2, 85 Lenin Prospekt
Telephone: +7(351)267-93-64

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