01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Mathematical Methods and Software for Computers and Systems)

Major: Mathematical Methods and Software for Computers and Systems

Program level: Bachelor’s degree

Program length: 4 years

Education certificate / Academic degree: Diploma, bachelor’s degree

Mode of study: Full time

Language ​​of instruction: Russian

Programme manager: Marina Sartasova, +7 (351) 267-90-43, sartasovami[at]susu[dot]ru

Program description:

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science combines classical mathematical study and the study of modern information technologies which ensures the development of fundamental analytical skills, systems thinking and the ability to find optimal solution to the problem. Specialists in this field are in high demand as they have all the necessary knowledge to work at any stage of creating a solution to an applied problem: from creating a mathematical model to developing software. Understanding of the entire process of solving a problem allows for high career mobility and professional growth.

The areas of professional competence of graduates are forever relevant branches of information technology, requiring the use of modern mathematics and programming: robotic systems, industrial automation and optimization, Big Data, computer vision, antivirus systems, cloud technology, mobile applications and payment systems.

Curriculum includes disciplines that provide fundamental training in the application of mathematical methods and models in regards to the problems of analysis, optimization, forecasting and management. In addition, the main educational program contains in-depth courses on the development and implementation of software, database design, information security and the use of artificial intelligence in solving applied problems. One of the advantages of graduates of the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science is the possibility of continuing education through the master’s programs related to in-depth study of programming, information technologies, and applications of mathematics in physics, mechanics, and economics.

Future graduate professions: systems analyst; database analyst; system and application programmer; system engineer; database administrator; computer network administrator; software engineer; mathematician; teacher of mathematics and computer science.

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