12.03.01 Instrumentation Engineering (Information-Measuring Technology in Instrument Engineering)

Major: Information-Measuring Technology in Instrument Engineering

Level: Bachelor's degree 

Duration of training: 4 years

Degree certificate: Bachelor's degree 

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager:

Andrey Lapin, the Head of Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: +73512679001
E-mail: lapinap[at]susu[dot]ru

Description of the educational programme

Graduates will be able to develop and operate information-measuring devices and systems in relation to various sectors of the economy.

Students gain in-depth knowledge of:

  • electrical engineering, electronics, digital circuitry;
  • measuring equipment (digital measuring instruments, sensors of physical quantities and measuring intelligent systems);
  • microprocessor technology and computer networks.


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