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In 1989 the Architecture Department introduced its Academic Major in Architecture. Since then, over 500 specialists have graduated and are now successfully working in the architecture and urban development boards, design organizations and companies in Russia as well as in the companies in Australia, UK, USA, Netherlands and other nations.

The Faculty of Architecture was opened in 2002. The university has offered graduate programs in architecture since 1989, and architecture and design programs operate since 2000. Graduate programs for engineers in Property Management and Inspection were introduced in 2003.
Since 2007 the Faculty offers Bachelor's programs in Design. Bachelor's program in Architecture was introduced in 2010, Bachelor of Architectural Space Design has been available since 2011. The graduates of the Faculty can continue their education on Master's program in Architecture ("Architecture of Residential and Public Buildings" Master's programs is available since 2012) and Design ("Environment Design" program, since 2011).

Today, the Faculty is comprised of 4 departments:
Architecture Department
Design Department
Urban Studies and Landscape Architecture Department
Design and Visual Arts Department

The total number of students of this faculty exceeds 700. The faculty comprises of 58 full-time and part-time lecturers, including some of the professors, who are famous professionals in their areas. They have been awarded Honored Architect of Russia and Honored Artist of Russia and are the members of the Union of Russian Artists, the Union of Russian Architects and the Union of Russian Designers. The research performed by the Faculty covers interesting architecture, urban development and design problems of South Urals. The results of the research have been published in 12 monographs and 4 edited volumes, including the proceedings of the First International Science Conference, "Problems of architecture, urban development and design (research and practice)".

The Architecture Department offers the 05.23.21 postgraduate program, "Architecture of buildings and facilities. Creative concepts of architecture". Today, this postgraduate program numbers 8 postgraduate students.

The Faculty of Architecture actively collaborates with the universities of Australia, America, Europe and Asia, and offers a developed system of international internships. The best students are able continue their education in famous foreign architectural schools.

In 2011 the Faculty opened international urban planning and architecture studio headed by the professor A. Francini ( Milan, Italy). The studio develops socially important projects for Chelyabinsk Oblast.

The Faculty closely collaborates with Moscow Architectural Institute, guaranteeing the high level of education. Every year, the best students study at Moscow Architectural Institute summer school where they can cooperate with leading Moscow professors and architects. The school hosts 10 students who complete a 10-day special program. Upon completing the program, the participants obtain the certificates.

The curriculum of the Faculty of Architecture focuses on architectural design, the fundamentals of composition, history of architecture, urban development and design, construction materials and building structure, computer simulation in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture as well as drawing, painting and sculpture. The graduates are in high demand in the labor market and easily find jobs soon after the graduation. The majority of the students already start working in the final years of study, because the knowledge and experience obtained allow them to be easily employed. The professors involve the best students into the real projects, so the students can work upon a particular facility.

The Faculty intensively develops its project activities, that allow the students to be engaged in large-scale projects. The major part of such projects has already been completed, but the work in this area continues. By participating in these projects the students gain real project experience during the studies and obtain a broad range of practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge before the graduation.

The Faculty of Architecture features computer labs, classrooms and multimedia classrooms fitted with up-to-date architecture and design equipment, and a creative lab for real and experimental projects. The Faculty is constantly being equipped with unique facilities and software, the lecturers and the professors are continually upgrading the skills and master new technologies.

Apart from studies, the faculty offers a vast range of out-of-class activities. The Students Trade Union Bureau of the Faculty together with the Dean's Office and Students and Postgraduate Students Trade Union of SUSU give social support to the students and organize cultural events, including "Matriculation Ceremony", "Miss and Mister of the Faculty of Architecture", "St. Valentine's Day" as well as provide seasonal summer jobs to the students. The students of the Faculty frequently participate in creativity competitions and win the awards at Chelyabinsk, Russian and international competitions.

The football, volleyball, swimming, and athletic teams of the faculty regularly win cups and medals at the students' championships. During the semester the athletics team of the faculty is being trained for "Technopolis" annual relay.

The students who distinguish themselves with their excellent grades, creativity, research or sport can go to winter or summer recreation camps in Chelyabinsk region, including "Olymp" recreation camp at Bolshoy Sunukul lake; "Golden Beach" club hotel at Turgoyak lake; "Tau-Tash" at Abzakovo; and "Yevpatoria" health resort, Crimea.

The best students are granted with President's, Government of Russia Scholarships, Vladimir Potanin Scholarship, Governor, City Administration and SUSU Academic Senate Scholarships. It evidently shows the high level of education and the growing authority of young South Urals architecture school of thought.

The best graduates of the faculty now work in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk and other Russian cities as well as in other countries, including Australia, Vietnam, Netherlands, UK, etc.

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