20.06.01 Technosphere Safety (05.26.01 Occupational Safety and Health)

Major: 05.26.01 Occupational Safety and Health

Level: Postgraduate studies

Duration of training: 4 years / 5 years

Degree certificate: Diploma

Mode of study: Full time / part time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager: Aleksandr Sidorov, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Professor

Description of the educational programme

The programme is focused on the training of academic and teaching staff for research institutions and organisations of higher professional education.

As a result of mastering the programme, students obtain the knowledge and practical experience in research in the field of preserving the life and health of personnel in the production process of electric power enterprises.

Field of research: ensuring electrical safety at the facilities of any sector of the economy.

The programme is unique for the possibility to conduct experimental research in a test electric network with the voltage of 10/0.4 kV.

The main advantage of the programme is the opportunity to gain experience in scientific research and participation in international scientific and practical events, experience in international communication, teaching experience not only in Russian but also in English (provided the level of language proficiency is sufficient), in working with scientific citation systems, supercomputers, attending lectures by leading world scientists, participating in other scientific events organized by South Ural State University.


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E-mail: skurtovaiv[at]susu[dot]ru

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