37.06.01 Psychological Sciences (19.00.04 Medical Psychology)

Major: 19.00.04 Medical Psychology

Level: Postgraduate

Duration of training: 3 years / 4 years 

Degree certificate: Education certificate, Qualification of the Researcher

Mode of study: Full time / part time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager: Mikhail A. Berebin, +7(906)892-03-23, berebinma[at]susu[dot]ru

Description of the educational programme

The program is focused on teaching highly qualified specialists to solve professional problems in the field of healthcare, education, culture, sports, the country's defense, law, management, social assistance to the population, as well as in public and business organizations, administrative bodies, research and consulting organizations, providing psychological services to individuals and organizations.

Fields of study

Program includes:

  • direction and stages of development of medical and psychological research,
  • specifics of psychologist’s activities in the field of health,
  • patterns of influence of mental factors on health promotion and the formation of attitudes on a healthy lifestyle,
  • development, adaptation, effectiveness of methods of clinical and psychological diagnosis and psychological intervention,
  • general and specific psychological patterns of change and the restoration of mental activity in various pathological conditions and developmental anomalies.

Fields of study:

  • History and methodology of medical psychology,
  • Pathopsychology,
  • Neuropsychology,
  • Psychosomatics and psychology of physicality,
  • Psychology of developmental disorders and deviant behaviour,
  • Psychological intervention,
  • Psychological aspects of the treatment process,
  • Psychology of health, mental hygiene, psychoprophylaxis,
  • Clinical, psychological and social rehabilitation.


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