40.05.03 Forensic Inquiry

Major: Forensic Inquiry of Substances, Materials and Products

Level: Specialist’s degree

Duration of training: 5 years

Degree certificate: Specialist’s degree

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: Russian

Programme manager: 

Svetlana Darovskikh, +7(351)267-99-76, darovskikhsm[at]susu[dot]ru

Description of the educational programme

The educational program is developed on the basis of FSES 3+ taking into account needs of the regional labor market, traditions and achievements of scientific and pedagogical school of the University in accordance with requirements of the Federal legislation.

The field of professional activity of graduates of the Bachelor’s degree program includes forensic activities aimed at ensuring legal proceedings, prevention, disclosure and investigation of crimes and other offenses by using special knowledge to detect, fix, seize and study information stored on digital media necessary for establishing facts.

The aim of the educational program is formation of cultural, professional and special competencies in accordance with the requirements of the FSES 3+ and with a focus on the acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively carry out professional functions in solving problems in the field of expert, informational, methodical, organizational, managerial, prophylactic and technical forensic activities.

Fields of study

Graduates of the specialist’s degree program gain all necessary skills related to:

  • the use of methods of forensic inquiry and research of substances, materials and products;
  • the use of special, physical, chemical and physico-chemical methods for the purpose of searching, detecting, fixing, withdrawing and preliminary research of material objects in order to establish evidence (circumstances of the case) in civil, administrative, criminal proceedings with participation in procedural and non-procedural actions;
  • providing methodological assistance to the subjects of law enforcement in matters of appointment and carrying out of forensic Inquiry of substances, materials and products,  and of possible use of modern research opportunities for obtaining evidentiary and investigative information on these objects.


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