Vera Gryazeva-Dobshinskaya



Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "South Ural State University (National Research University)"

English proficiency


The program of study for which the graduate student will be accepted


The code of the direction of study for which the graduate student will be accepted

5.3.1. (19.00.01. – General psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology)

List of research projects of a potential research supervisor (participation / leadership)

Socio-psychological factors of the development of creative potentials of gifted students (longitudinal study);

Psychological resources of innovative leadership: psychological innovation audit;

Information stress - mathematical models and coping methods;

List of possible research topics

Psychological resources of stress resistance and creativity





Research supervisor:

Vera Gryazeva-Dobshinskaya,

Doctor of Science (Psychological Institute

Russian Academy of Education)

Stress tolerance and creativity: mathematical models of performance

Supervisor’s research interests:

Psychological resources of creative and innovative leadership
Resources of stress tolerance and creativity in the conditions of information stress
Psychology of the impact of cinema

Research highlights:

The study of projective and psychosemantic methods of psychological diagnostics, including copyright;

Study of modern multidimensional data processing methods, methods of mathematical data modeling

Supervisor’s specific requirements:

  • Master's degree in Psychology

    Own research projects

    Individual or joint articles

Supervisor’s main publications:

WoS, Scopus:

  • Gryazeva-Dobshinskaya V.G., Children’s Creativity and Personal Adaptation Resources V.G. Gryazeva-Dobshinskaya Y.A. Dmitrieva, S.Yu. Korobova and V.A.Glukhova. – Behavioral Science, 2020, V1, No. 2: 49; doi: 10.3390/bs10020049

  • Gryazeva-Dobshinskaya V.G., Babanova Yu.V., Dmitrieva Yu.A., Modelling efficient innovative work: integration of economic and social psychological approaches. – SHS Web of Conferences. Volume 35, 2017. –

  • Gryazeva-Dobshinskaya V.G., Dmitrieva Yu.A., Korobova S.Yu. Hemispheric asymmetry and stress exposure model in a professional evaluation situation. – 2018, The Fifth International Luria Memorial Congress «Lurian Approach in International Psychological Science», KnE Life Sciences, pages 346–358. DOI 10.18502/kls.v4i8.3293

  • Gryazeva-Dobshinskaya V.G., Dmitrieva Yu.A. Leadership and Management Styles: Typological Approach to Personal Resources of Change Management. – Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Springer, 2020 –Vol. 138. – p. 202-213.

  • Gryazeva-Dobshinskaya, V. G., Dmitrieva, Y. A., Korobova, S. Y., & Glukhova, V. A. (2018). Project groups formation based on modelling innovative leadership resources as educational technology 'industries 4.0'. Paper presented at the Proceedings - 2018 Global Smart Industry Conference, GloSIC 2018, doi:10.1109/GloSIC.2018.8570077

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