List of Research profiles

Area of research and Leaders of Research Groups Topics of Research


V. Saburov
A. Karyakin
V. Astashin
R. Gubaidulin
Yu. Ivashenko
M. Mishnev
D. Malikov
S. Golovnev
A. Baiburih
B. Trofimov
L. Kramar
V. Abduov
S. Shabiev
V. Ivanov
The actual work and technical condition of constructional steelwork, forecasts of steelwork terms of service, mathematical modeling and testing of steelwork
Final elements methods, numeric analysis of steelwork, braced steelwork with concrete
The reliability of building and engineering constructions, new plastic forms and technologies
Reinforced concrete constrictions and testing
Joint works with the foundation material offiberglass shell structures
Plastic covers of gas exhaust ducts used in drain energy source utilization
Intensive technologies of winter casting
Construction works quality control
High resistance rapid setting concretes
Binding cinstruction materials of natural magnesites, brucites and dolomites
Heat resistant concretes on the basis of industrial waste
Ecological architecture, reconstruction and redevelopment of industrial zones, history and theory of architecture.
Computer technologies in architecture
Urban planning, sustainable development of urbanized territories, Urals agglomerations, settlement territories, transport and the development of industrial territories.

Renewable power generation

I. Kirpichnikova
E. Solomin
O. Ptashkina –Girina
Solar energy, the international market of renewable energy
Wind energy
Minor hydropower energy

Hybrid networks

V. Kosberin Mathematical ware and software to evaluate the precision of satellite measurements


N. Usmakova Implementing innovations


O. Tereshina Arts studies and architecture

Food Production and food engineering

N. Popova
M. Rebezov
O. Zinina
L. Prokhasko
S. Tikhonov
Studying the quality and safety of dairy products
Meat Products Technology
Food Biotechnology
Food products testing

Computers and IT

M. Yurin
E. Andreev
M. Tsymbler
N. Dolganina
G. Radchenko
P. Kostenetsky
L. Sokolinsky
T. Lymar
A. Sidikova
A. Bredikhina
T. Kamaltdinova
A. Bokov
A. Kheyfets
B. Sukhovilov
V. Mokeev
M. Ilsoshenov
Internet Communications, User Startification
Parallel Data-Base Systems
Super Computer Modeling
Distributed systems, cloud calculations
The Theory of Improperly Posed Problems
Computer and Graphic 3D modeling
High-precision nonintrusive measurement of an object geometric parameters and their movement in space
Computer vision
Software development for the information systems


E. Peskova Cognitive linguistics
Political text and discourse
Modern communications problems
Poetry and Prose
Psychological Linguistics and Linguistics Expertise
Communicative Rhetoric


V. Karachik
M. Korzhova
A. Ershova
S. Abdullaev
Boundary problems for differential equations with fractional derivative in boundary conditions
Fuzzy sets. Differential equations.
Iteration methods and algorithms of strong separability
Mesa-scale convective systems: analysis, prognosis and numerical modeling


T. Tretyakov
T. Bay
O. Kotlyarova
Ju. Syromyatnikova
V. Zhuravlev
E. Yurasova
T. Konovalova
L. Semenova
Yu. Podpovetnaya
I. Smirnova
L. Surina
V. Kosberin
Competences approach in Service and Tourism
Professional preparation in the sphere of service and tourism
Socio-cultural approach in tourist education
Forming competences in IT students


V. Vasilieva
A. Shevchenko
Psychology of power
Professional Disciplines


A. Bludova
O. Vazhenina
The image of a political leader and Electorate
National idea in modern communications


A. Borisov
O. Brylina
S. Butakov
A. Valov
M. Gelman
A. Gorozhankin
M. Grigoriev
G. Drachev
M. Dudkin
V. Kodkin
S. Lokhov
V. Matsin
A. Nesterov
N. Saprunova
Yu. Usinin
R. Khusainov
L. Tsytovich
A. Shishkov
D. Berezin
S. Nekrasov
A. Potapov
A. Melchakov
G. Sidorov
V. Panferov
I. Levanov
K. Gavriluk
Work processes in heat engines
Magnetoelastic torquemeters of the electric drives and working machines
Electric Drives and Control Systems
Technical means of electric engines diagnostics
Man circuits and control systems for semiconductor converters of periodic and direct current
Energy and resource efficient semiconductor transformers of direct and periodic current
Architectural design of residence building, resource-saving living environment, climatic studies in architecture, city landscape design
Vibration mechanics
Construction safety of building systems
Mechanical systems
Optimization of technological processes and systems, automation of technological objects


Yu. Ignatiev
N. K. Goryaev
O. Larin
V. Morozova
V. Polyatsko
A. Vozmilov
R. Ilimbetov
R. Galimzyanov
A. Dubrovsky
V. Kostuchenkova
V. Butin
City Transport Systems
Improving the Inter-city and international transportations
Regional and city transport systems development
Ecological Safety of transport
Automobile electrical transmission and circuits
Electronic control systems in transport
System analysis of functional parameters and car design
Additive suspender
Industrial aggregates indices optimization and work processes
Testing for defects for car tires and wheels


A. Panukov
T. Panukova
A. Latipova
Conclusive calculation
Discrete mathematics
Conclusive calculations in budgeting and price diversification


V. Apreleva
D. Grakhanov
Intercultural communication
Philosophical reflection


K. Smolyakova
T. Varlamova
R. Lysova
Carbon-bearing materials compounding
Oxide-metal tapes
Coke and by-product process
Absorbers for water purification


S. Denisov
D. Ulrikh
Rational water resource usage
Water and ecological problems
Water-collection territories protection
Ecological water object rehabilitation
Soil ecology


I. Potoroko
L. Tsirulchenko
A. Shmidt
T. Khudyakova
V. Kiseleva
V. Gurlev
Yu. Golikov
E. Golovanov
A. Karpushkina
N. Kotova
S. Kukharenko
V. Maleev
E. Ovakimyan
Yu. Prokhorov
V. Radaeva
O. Ryazantseva
A. Kharlamova
L. Makhalina
T. Khomyakova
S. Shishkina et al.
Economic sustainability, competitiveness and management
Human factor and the results of economic activity
Labor effectiveness and market potential of human resources
Economics and Nature interrelation
Regional economy
Investment and accounting
Intellectual human capital
Marketing and real estate management
Labor economy
Enterprise management
Trade economy
Organization economy
Image and design
Finance management


K. Osintsev
T. Zhirganova
V. Shashkin
V. Smolin
M. Butakova
Burning processes
Heat energy production
Dynamic heat transfer and exchange
Electro mechanics
Distributional networks
Energy-saving nano-technologies


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