Dmitrii Ardashev


Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education “South Ural State University (National research university)”

English proficiency


The program of study for which the graduate student will be accepted

Mechanical Engineering

The code of the direction of study for which the graduate student will be accepted


List of research projects of a potential research supervisor (participation / leadership)

  1. Creation and production of a model range of new generation microturbine power plants, 2013-2015 (Implementation of the Resolution of the Russian Federation No. 218. Contractor).
  2. Supercomputer engineering of technological processes for processing high-precision mechanical engineering products, 2017–2019. (State assignment. Head.)
  3. Development of an energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology for applying hard chromium coatings to bodies of revolution 2017–2019. (Implementation of the federal target program. Head).
  4. Creation of high-tech production of hydraulic drives with hydrostatic guides of a wide range with low resistance to movement of moving parts and increased resource for bench test equipment 2019–2021. (Implementation of the Resolution of the Russian Federation No. 218. Head).

List of possible research topics

  • Development and research of technology for generative production of workpieces.
  • Development of a range of hybrid milling machines with surfacing function.
  • Investigation of the machinability of materials obtained by DMD methods.
  • Development of processing technology for generative workpieces.

Research supervisor:

Ардашев Д.В.

Dmitrii Ardashev,

Doctor of Science (South Ural State University – 2018)


Highly efficient additive manufacturing technologies

In the world mechanical engineering, knowledge-intensive processes are being actively initiated, associated with the creation of fundamentally new methods for the design and manufacture of complex-profile vital parts, as well as new methods for processing parts. One of the promising directions in this area is the use of hybrid methods for creating mechanical engineering products that combine additive technologies (LENS technologies (Laser Engineered Net Shaping), DMD technologies (Direct Metal Deposition)) and traditional metalworking technologies.

 Hybrid processing allows the production of high-precision products with:

  • unique spatial and complex-profile external and internal geometry without the implementation of labor-intensive procurement operations;
  • multi-material coating with special multifunctional properties (heat resistance, corrosion resistance, increased strength and wear resistance, reduced friction coefficient).

Abroad, the developer and supplier of hybrid machine tools is DMG Mori (Germany). This issue has not been resolved in Russia.

The goal of the project is the development of design and technological solutions for the implementation of the technology of additive metal cutting production.

Supervisor’s main publications (indicate the total number of publications in journals indexed by Web of Science or Scopus over the past 5 years, write up to 5 most significant publications, indicating the output):

  1. Ardashev, D.V. Mathematical Model of the Grinding Force With Account for Blunting of Abrasive Grains of the Grinding Wheel / D.V. Ardashev, A.A. Dyakonov // Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Vol. 139 (12), 2017. – 121005.
  2. Dyakonov, A.A. Prediction of Blunting Area of Abrasive Grains on a Grinding Wheel / A.A. Dyakonov, D.V. Ardashev // Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Vol. 139 (12), 2017. – 121004.
  3. Shipulin, L.V. Description of Topography of Grinded Surface During Flat Grinding with the Periphery of a Wheel / L.V. Shipulin, D.V. Ardashev, A.A. Dyakonov // Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties. – Vol. 7 (2). – 2019. – 025007.
  4. Pereverzev, P.P. Designing optimal automatic cycles of round grinding based on the synthesis of digital twin technologies and dynamic programming method / P.P. Pereverzev, A.V. Akintseva, M.K. Alsigar, D.V. Ardashev // Mechanical Sciences. – Vol. 10 – 2019. – pp. 331–341.
  5. Shipulin, L.V. Laser Metal Fusion, Laser Metal Deposition and Laser Hardening: A Review / L.V. Shipulin, D.V. Ardashev, V.L. Kulygin // Russian Engineering Research, Allerton Press Inc., Vol. 40, № 4, 2020. – pp. 330–332.

In just 5 years, 22 scientific articles have been published in journals indexed by Web of Science or Scopus.

Results of intellectual activity:

  1. Droplet separator. Utility model patent No. 185045.
  2. Installation for applying electroplated coatings. Utility model patent No. 186265.
  3. Air filter. Utility model patent No. 196275.


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