Valerii Maslennikov



Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "South Ural State University (National Research University)"

English proficiency

I write articles, gave lectures at the universities of Tokyo, Akita, Kivos, Hobart, etc., I make reports at international conferences in English

The program of study for which the graduate student will be accepted

Earth sciences: Geology, prospecting and exploration of deposits of solid minerals, minerogeny;

The code of the direction of study for which the graduate student will be accepted


List of research projects of a potential research supervisor (participation / leadership)

Over the past two decades, the organizer and/or responsible executor of a number of international projects (INTAS., TACIS, MinUrals INCO Copernicous, IGCP-502 и др.)

1) Supervisor of the state budget-funded topic of the Institute of Mineralogy of the Federal Research Centre for Mineralogy and Geoecology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences under the government assignment of the Russian Federation Ministry of Science and Education (2019–2021) No.AAAA-A19-119061790049-3 “Mineral and Geochemical Evolution and Metallogeny of Hydrothermal, Authigene and Hypergene Ore-forming Systems”;

2) Supervisor of the state budget-funded topic (2015–2017) No.AAAA-A16-116021010244-O “Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Ore Facies as a Reflection of Geological History of Hydrothermal and Hypergene Systems”;

3) Supervisor of the state budget-funded project of the Presidium of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2018–2019) No.15-11-5-23 “Development of Mineralogy and Geochemistry Criteria of Improving the Efficiency of Operation of Sulphide-bearing Fields (on the Example of the Ural Region)”;

4) Supervisor of RSF project (2014–2016) “Differentiation of Toxic Elements in the Conditions of Lithogenesis and Technogenesis of Pyrite Deposits”;

5) Supervisor of RFBR project No.14-05-00630 (2014-2016) “Revealing the Reasons for Mineralogy and Geochemistry Diversity of Hydrothermal “Paleo Smokers” in Pyrite Deposits”;

6) Supervisor of RFBR project No.17-05-0084 (2017–2019) Microtypochemistry and Typo-Chemical Properties of Sulfur Balls in Pyrite Deposits”;

7) Co-supervisor of project (NE/R000670/1 в (2018-2020) jointly with the staff members of the Natural History Museum, London, England: M. Georgieva, V.V. Maslennikov, R.E. Herrington, N.R. Ayupova “The colonisation of hydrothermal vents by complex life: a natural experiment in macroevolution”, supported by the Natural Environment Research Council UK;

8) Executive in RFBR project No.18-0500816 (2018–2020) “Reconstruction of the History of the Ocean Hydrothermal Ore Genesis Based on Simultaneous Analysis of Sulphide Ores and Metal-bearing Sediments: Pobeda Ore Cluster, Mid-Atlantic Ridge”.

List of possible research topics

Mineralogy and geochemistry of a specific ore deposit




Research supervisor:

Valerii Maslennikov,

Doctor of Science (Institute  of Geology and Geochemistry UB RAS, 1997)

Professor (approved by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles in 2008)

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (elected in 2016)

Mineralogy, geochemistry and metallogeny of modern and ancient ore-forming systems

Supervisor’s research interests:

Creation of a mineralogical-geochemical theory of the lithogenesis of sulfide deposits in the formation of pyrite, iron ore, manganese ore and gold stratiform deposits of volcanogenic association, including the analysis of galmyrolysis and bacterial participation in the processes of ore formation.

Research highlights:

The theory is developed on the basis of the ore-facies analysis method developed by V.V.Maslennikov and V.V. Zaikov, as well as through the use of a revolutionary method of mineralogy and geochemistry – inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and laser ablation (LA-ICP-MC) and international cooperation.


Supervisor’s specific requirements:

Keen interest in scientific work

Supervisor’s main publications: 29

  1. Maslennikov V.V., Maslennikova S.P., Large R.R., Danyushevsky L.V., Herrington R.J., Ayupova N.R., Zaykov V.V., Lein A.Y., Tseluyko A.S., Melekestseva I.Y., Tessalina S.G. Chimneys in Paleozoic massive sulfide mounds of the Urals VMS deposits: Mineral and trace element comparison with modern black, grey, white and clear smokers // ORE GEOLOGY REVIEWS, 2017. 85 (1): 64–106 (Q1). DOI: 10.1016/j.oregeorev.2016.09.012

  2. Maslennikov V.V., Ayupova N.R., Maslennikova S.P., Lein A.Y., Tseluiko, A.S., Danyushevsky L.V., Large R.R., Simonov V.A. Criteria for the detection of hydrothermal ecosystem faunas in ores of massive sulfide deposits in the Urals // LITHOLOGY AND MINERAL RESOURCES, 2017. 52(3): 173–191 (Q4). DOI: 10.1134/S0024490217080016

  3. Maslennikov V.V., Ayupova N.R., Safina N.P., Tseluyko A.S., Melekestseva I.Y., Large R.R., Herrington R.J., Kotlyarov V.A., Blinov I.A., Maslennikova S.P., Tessalina S.G. Mineralogical Features of Ore Diagenites in the Urals Massive Sulfide Deposits, Russia // MINERALS, 2019. 9(3): 150 (Q2). DOI: 10.3390/min9030150

  4. Maslennikov V.V., Cherkashov G., Artemyev D.A. Firstova A., Large R.R., Tseluyko A.S., Kotlyarov V.A. Pyrite Varieties in Massive Sulfide Microfacies on Pobeda Hydrothermal Fields, Mid-Atlantic Rise 17°07′ – 17°08′: LA-ICP-MS Data Deciphering // MINERALS, 2020. 10(7): 622 (Q2). DOI: 10.3390/min10070622

  5. Large R.E., Maslennikov V.V. Invisible Gold Paragenesis and Geochemistry in Pyrite from Orogenic and Sediment-Hosted Gold Deposits // MINERALS, 2020. 10(4): 339 (Q2). DOI: 10.3390/min10040339


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