Institute of Economics, Trade and Technology


Head of the Institute
Irina Yuryevna Okolnishnikova 

Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor

Теl: + 7 (351) 267-97-36, 267-92-88
E-mail: okolnishnikovaii[at]susu[dot]ru


The institute offers quality training of  professionals for economy, business, banks, ad agencies, commercial and catering enterprises, expert companies and tax authorities. Our educational programs provide competitive advantages  at the labour market and prepare you for successful careers of ad-men, managers, marketing and commodity experts. 

Fields of Study


  • 38.05.01 – «Economic Security».


  • 27.03.01 – «Standartization and Metrology»;
  • 27.03.02 – «Quality Management»;
  • 15.03.02 – «Тechnilogical Machines and Equipment»;
  • 19.03.02 – «Vegetal Resourсes Foods»;
  • 19.03.03 – «Animal Origin Foods»;
  • 19.03.04 – «Foods Technologies and Catering Organization»;
  • 38.03.04 – «State and Municipal Management»;
  • 38.03.06 – «Тrading Business»;
  • 42.03.01 – «Advertising and Public Relations»;
  • 38.03.01 – «Economics»;
  • 38.03.02 – «Мanagement»;
  • 29.03.03 – «Printing and Wrapping Technologies»;
  • 40.03.01 – «Law».


  • 19.04.02 – «Vegetal Resources Foods»;
  • 19.04.03 – «Animal Origin Foods»;
  • 19.04.04 – «Foods Technologies and Catering Organization»;
  • 19.04.05 – «High Technological Production of Functional and Special Foods»; 
  • 27.04.02 – «Quality Management»;
  • 38.04.01 – «Economics»;
  • 38.04.02 – «Мanagement»;
  • 38.04.04 – «State and Municipal Management».


Research Areas

  • Marketing Communications (forming and development of brand system management, effectiveness of integrated marketing communications, project activity).
  • Merchandizing (food processing).
  • Accounting and Finance (methodology of logistic inventory control, functional modelling of management system (enterprise business processes).
  • Business Economics (mathematical methods and econometric modelling, methodology of flow processes in industrial enterprises business economics).
  • Applied Biotechnology (innovative food products, nutritional value increase).

Running Project

  • The Food processing unit . The aims are to pursue research in the areas of comparative analysis of kinetic dependences of integrated influence of food environment activation processes based on the effects of sonochemistry shows that water changes its structural characteristics, binds highly volatile fractions of aromatic substances and accelerates extraction processes. When analyzing the ultrasonic treatment impact on the kinetics of flavor characteristics formation of processed poultry products in the test samples of ground poultry, the highly volatile fraction of pyrazine and 4-piperidone tetramethyl were identified, which in turn form flavor of the final product.The effects of sonochemistry are geared towards selective movement of a particular substance or group of components between different phases with defined boundaries. Hardening agents were identified among the extractable raw material components. The ultrasonic treatment impact on the extraction process reflected on the color intensity indicator by increasing the number of colouring substances (primarelyanthocyanins and polyphenols) among the total amount of extractable dry substances. The ultrasound capabilities allow reconstructing the product sensory qualities using only traditional raw material components which present a certain scientific interest. Principal researcher: I.Y. Potoroko, Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor. 

Contact Us

Dean's Office

Аddress: 454080 Chelyabinsk, Lenin Avenue, 85 (building № 2), Room 563. 
Теl: +7 (351) 267-92-88
Fax: + 7 (351) 267-92-88
E-mail: okolnishnikova[at]yandex[dot]ru

Рrincipal Researchers:

Dr . Irina Okolnishnikova (Branding)
E-mail: okolnishnikova[at][dot]ru

Dr . Irina Potoroko (Food technology)
E-mail: irina_potoroko[at]mail[dot]ru

Dr . Lidia Semenova (Corporate identity)
E-mail: lidia_sem[at]mail[dot]ru

Dr . Irina Prosvirnina (Intellectual capital evaluation)
E-amil: prosvirina[at]mail[dot]ru

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